Dear Bungie

4 years ago

You suck!!! Your game cheats! How the hell does the elite survive when his shields are broken and I melee him in the face? How? Tell me! His shields are busted I pop him right in the face and nothing happens but then he instantly kills me by twitching his shoulder (literally that is all one of them did). I am stuck on the corvette trying to kill the comm crew and have died 50 FUCKING TIMES!!!!! God dammit what the fuck were you doing when you built this area?

Dammit I want A Monument to All Your Sins! But I don't think I can play this game anymore without needing counseling.

Comments (2)

  • prophetsend


    4 years ago

    Okay I didn't see a bubble shield earlier I will have to wipe and look for it.

  • LtRommel


    4 years ago

    Dude! I hated that section. Saved the sword and bubble shield from earlier to get through it. Remember, this is not Halo 3; there are no "headshot" melees. What's worse, it can take a few of your own melee to take them down based on the elite class. Check this out:

    Although he does this with "all skulls on", or Mythic difficulty, the tactics are similar.