So a lot of people ask me how I got a job at Rooster Teeth and I figured it's about time I explain myself. Marshall and I have been in a comedy troupe called Lark the Beard for several years now, best known for our web-series The Wingmen and for Zach Anner's travel show videos.

We met Matt and Burnie after entering a short film contest where they were the judges. After seeing our stuff, they decided to hire us to help write and produce some projects for Rooster Teeth when they needed extra help. After about 8 months of working on a project-by-project basis, Marshall and I were offered full time jobs at RT.

Rooster Teeth is a really fun place to work and for those who are interested in finding jobs at companies like this, I have one piece of advice. Create your own movies, drawings, animations, etc. and find your own creative voice. And don't wait until tomorrow, or next week, or next year; do it now. I started making videos in middle school and in 10th grade, I wrote and directed a TV show for public access with my friends. I've worked on dozens of projects since then and yeah, some of them were crap but at least I constantly learned new things and improved.

So if you wanna go into the film/videogame/entertainment industry then start making stuff now. Start putting videos up on Youtube, submit entries to all of the Rooster Teeth contests, draw, hire a lobbyist for Congress, film machinima, and write.

Anyway, that's my motivational burp for the day. I'm gonna go eat some cookies.

Lark the Beard Comedy Troupe:

Zach Anner's youtube:

The Wingmen web-series:

P.S. Isn't the the new RvB trailer awesome? I'm really excited about the next season.