Home from seeing TheCC

4 years ago

So i'm just getting home from seeing another RTer/ lifetime friend get married theCC. So after these 20 years the culmination is really two awesome weddings was a reminder of what we can be grateful for... your one and old life long friend besides your spouse, its so rare and as i've told her many times its a sisterhood, but in reality its even better because we choose to be close still. She and Dylan her husband were the epitome of a perfect couple and the wedding went off without a hitch. I'm sure she'll have pictures to follow but for now they are on their honeymoon celebrating the fact that they didn't cause the rapture!

link to mine and primcharlys wedding photos HERE!!!!

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  • Cori_Jade


    3 years ago

    Your wedding photos are beautiful ^.^ i absolutely adore your dress :) It's so hard to find a dress that flattering and perfect.

  • Frankfurter


    3 years ago

    I was at a wedding once where the chick who got divorced earlier that day caught the bouquet. It was weird.

  • karlibean


    4 years ago


    *makes mental note to look at photos when not browsing web on smart phone.*