The following is personal commentary. Please know that it is mostly my opinion and it could be far from the actual fact. I’m not in on any insider information…I’m just going by other events I have been to in the past.

3 Days, people.
3 anxious days until the Rooster Teeth fan event of epic proportions. For those of you going, your golden ticket will bring you more joy than you might have been expecting. The itinerary was released on Friday and brought tears to these baby-bluetard eyes. For those of you lacking in tickets, but will be participating in Sidequest: You will be surrounded by loving community members with and without RTX tickets. For those of you who are missing out on both for whatever reason: FEAR NOT. We will all be posting photos, videos, and blogs so that you may vicariously through us! We won’t keep you in the dark. Don’t misunderstand it with us rubbing it in (most of us, anyway!)…we are all here to spread the love!

Many happy memories will be made this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. It will be like a 3 day live-action Red vs. Blue PSA!

Now, my mother is the event Queen of the family. All major family parties happen at my parents’ house: Thanksgiving, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, and birthdays. It was super rare for us to go to another person’s house for events like these when we were younger. If we were going to be guests at another household for these occasions, our parents would remind us what being a good guest is all about.

Time for me to be all mom-like.

We will essentially be guests in someone else’s house. We will be partying at the DoubeTree ballroom. We will be occupying the DoubleTree lobby in droves. We will invade The Alamo Drafthouse. But MOST IMPORTANTLY: We will be given a tour through Rooster Teeth Headquarters.

Hotel Ettiquette
I’m not going to tell you what you can and cannot do as a hotel guest in your own rooms. You know what’s what. Just remember the “quiet hours” so everyone can get some sleep. It’s the lobby and ballroom that are a little more strict on rules.

Hotel lobbies are essentially public places, meeting hubs, and for guest lounging. We won’t be the only people occupying the hotel so we have to take that into consideration before we stake claim to the lobby with our mighty voices. Other guests will be checking in, dining, and drinking. We are many, they are few…but that doesn’t mean that we have a majority rule over comfort and courtesy. Just keep that in mind. Believe me when I say I have to remind myself of this ALL THE TIME. With all of the anime and fandom conventions I have attended in the past, I always seem to forget that the lobby still echoes when you do that unexpected fangirly scream.

Hotel ballrooms usually have rules about what you can and cannot eat and drink. Some hotels and convention centers only allow food and drink if it something that you bought there at the venue or something that they are serving inside if they were hired to cater. Some places will NOT allow alcohol no matter what. So…don’t put stuff in a flask to sneak in. Don’t approach the RT staff with luscious alcoholic presents just in case the venue has a “No Outside Food/Drink” policy. If these rules are broken, RT will be held responsible. We don’t want Burnie and friends to pay for our bullshit, right? These rules may seem trivial, but they are rules AND we want the hotel like us so we can do this again!

Hopefully NOT the last stand at the Alamo
The Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater.
Don’t talk during movies and presentations.
Most likely there will be no video or picture taking since Burnie has stated we will be seeing Season 9 stuff! 343 Industries showed some pretty cool stuff at RvB Canwest and politely asked us not to film or photograph since they hadn’t released the footage officially. We don’t wanna spoil it for others, do we?
Last but not least:
Turn off your fucking phone.

Look With Your Eyes…
Hey MTV. This is my crib. This is where the magic happens…
Rooster Teeth Headquarters is where some of our most beloved series are created: Red vs Blue, Achievement Hunter, RT Shorts, the inspirations for almost 4 years worth of RT Comics, and the remarkable Immersion series. It’s easy to forget that there is also commercial work going on behind those doors. There are jobs that RT are hired for that involve NDAs and severe secrecy. I’m thinking that these types of things will be out of our lines of sight, but just be respectful of this fact. The RT staff spends many hours a week in this building. When crunch time comes around, these folks will be practically living in their offices. There will be personal things on their desks next to all the super awesome AND expensive equipment they use everyday. Props, costumes, materials, mediums, hardware, and everything else you expect to come across in an office-studio-college dorm-like setting.

FOR THE LOVE OF GUSTAVO: DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. If it isn’t yours, don’t touch it. You are in someone else’s “home”. Don’t go stuffing their fine china down your pants. Don’t touch the antique photos. Be sure to flush when you use the bathroom. You all know the drill!
And wipe your feet, you savages.

This is an all around first for our cockbites. We all to need to be on our best behavior and persuade Gus and Griffon to plan another one of these shindigs for next year! Let’s not fuck this up smiley8.gif

EDIT: psantillo brought up a good point in the comments - While we are guests at the hotel, at the Alamo, and out in public: We are representing Rooster Teeth. And we are doing it in their hometown. People are going to ask "Hey, is this some sort of party or something?". We can take opprotunities like this to SPREAD THE LOVE!

MissZahrah brought up another good point: Tip your housekeeper. (please refrain from tip arguments...some people believe in it and some don't. If you do, just remember to tip accordingly!)

Feel free to link this journal around! smiley12.gif