Caleb asked me to repost this for the group. Best of luck if you participate!

Here is an awesome thing the Rooster Teeth Community Group is doing!

Flex your community muscle! The Rooster Teeth Community Group just passed over 1000 members!!!! To celebrate this, we are going to have a super awesome contest! We are a strong, creative, and powerful community. One idea, from one person, and suddenly a community event is organized, a new podcast is created, a new comic is born. Well, we want to show just how much of an impact our community can have on the wider world around us.
Starting today and going until September 30th, We are having the RT Community in YOUR Community Photo Contest. Participation is simple: Go out and have a positive impact on your local community while sporting some RT related gear, and snap a photo! Submit 1 photo with you at the place where you made an impact on your community, and a paragraph explaining what community service you performed. After the deadline of September 30th, the descriptions will be posted and the community will vote for the winner. The contest is about service, not popularity, so all submissions will remain "anonymous" until the winner has been voted on. Therefore, no one will know who did what service until after the winner is announced.
You can make such an impact in your community in so many different ways! Whether you serve in a soup kitchen, cheer up residence at an old folks home, clean up the highway, or go read for children in your local library, the smallest actions can have the biggest impact on the world around you.

Submit your photos to, along with your paragraph description. The winner will be Featured User for the week, with a full article describing their service and featuring their photo! So go out, and flex your community muscles!!! smiley12.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

Any service is praiseworthy, so once the contest is complete EVERYONE'S submission will be posted to the group to celebrate your hard work. The winner will be featured on the front page.

Feel free to contact any one of the group admins with any questions you guys have and good luck! smiley12.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif