I know I haven't made a journal in like forever, as I don't have that much to update.

but I just have to say, Turtle Beach X11 Headset is FUCKING AWESOME.

That is all.

Oh and that I'm basically broke as my rainy day money is running extremly low, (From 5000 to less then 1000 in about a years time.) November will rob me blind if I don't get a job soon.

Thinking of getting my liquor serving license and applying at the local bar, I interviewed them about the working life at a bar and it seemed pretty cool, and they already know me, so it should be easy.

Oh and I also applied for a credit card. As I'm tired of having to pay other people to use their.

PS: I'm in the SWTOR beta. It's fun.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I now own a fedora.