two things i want to point out about mustafa's speech yesterday. (note, the quotes are my paraphrasing him, not direct translations).

1- "Our religion is Islam, and our law will be based on Sharia law. However, I will not allow neither the extreme right nor the extereme left to defile this blessed revolution by imposing their sole idiology upon the people. Islam is a religion of mediation." This is a power statement to both of those who fear that Libya will be a Taliban-like state, and for those who fear libya will become a completely secular state (ex: Egypt). I'ave said this before: Libya is and will always be a Muslim state. We began this revolution in the name of Allah, and by Allah's will we have succeeded. Islam is singly the strongest bond for the libyan people. a bond that not even the most secular can deny. The vast majority of the freedom fighters were what most would consider conservative Muslims.

However, at the same time Islam is a religion of moderation and understanding. You simply CAN NOT force your idiology upon everyone. Nor can you force people to be the perfect model Muslim. You must be fair to both the religious and human rights of a person even if he doesn't entirely share your views. As Mustafa said yesterday, "It is up to us to continue to show the world our kindness, generocity, and hospitality while still maintaining our and practicing our faith"

2 - Mustafa thanked a group of people in the following order (i will only mention the first two). First, to the young men for their obvious devotion and sacrifice that they willingly jumped into in the name of peace and freedom. but the second part is what i want to focus on (especially to some of the reporters out there who just like to talk smack). "I want to thank the WOMEN of libya. The mothers, the daughters, the wives, and all the women who without them and their role in raising these fine men that this revolution so desperately needed".

He continued on to say: "We will not forget you. By Allah's will you will not be forgotten. It is time for Libya to further open its doors to you and support you. By Allah's there will be embassies run by women. Hospitals be run by women. Women politicians, teachers, and the vast positions will be open to and be run by women". I want to point this out to some of the reporters who think or fear that Libyans do not recognize the role of women in our society. Even in conservative cities such as Benghazi, Darna, and even Al Baydah (Where Mustafa Abduljaleel is from), have allowed and sometimes encouraged women to hold positions of importance. But now that this brutal regime and its policy of dog-eat-kitten is gone, more oportunities will be open to our women and Inshallah Inshallah Inshallah (God willing), our women will finally have the ability to light a shining beacon of hope and honor that we know they are capable of bringing.

So I guess my message is this: Dont let the terms "Sharia law", "Islamic Brotherhood", or such statements be a blanket of fear which entice the flames of paranoia. Libya before, during, and Inshallah after Daffy's regime has is and will be both conservative in terms of our practicing and protecting our faith, and at the same time moderate and fair for all.

I'm not a Prophet. I dont know what the future will hold. And any and all things happen only by the will of Allah. So i can't tell you how Libya will turn out for sure. But I can tell you what is in our hearts, and what Mustafa Abduljaleel said yesterday pretty much covers 95% of the Libyan's desires and wants. I have high hopes for the new government, for the libyan people, and most importantly for Libya to be a shining example to demolish the stereotype of Islam being a religion of oppression and hate.

Can only be Allah's will

Sallamu Alaikum.