I really don't want to write that fraking paper! I have since checked my google + the new collective. Played on twitter, google searched people out of boredness, yep I am a lurker, if they post something interesting I comment on it. My freaking pandora started getting all crazy with the 80s had to shut it down. I need to clean my 300 gb of music, maybe next week. I am training at my new job and after 8 hours I am so brain fried, thus procrastination plus I feel oddly social tonight but all you mainland people are asleep!

ok so that was ADD, its like the old days right? Short selling my house in Panama City, FL because I can't live there, I never will. Upside down on the mortgage. bleeding about 600 a month between what we don't get on rent to cover the mortgage and house insurance... it has to go! There is a bid in right now, if my mortgage company approves, its gone and my happy new paycheck can go to pay off student loans.

Nothing else going on and no Mark and Jeff you may not help with my new hobby. Mark I do not share my porn, its private. I do not want to know about your spank bank and I don't share mine. I got nothing else. Next week off from school. Try to clean my music a bit but I will most likely read comics and game. I need to get caught up on GI JJoe. I also need to get the new Minecraft update, none of my coworkers play it :( even in a room of geeks I still feel like the geekiest in the room.