Unfair!? How the hell is it unfair if I'm offering to single-handedly sponsor this mess of a game? I acknowledge that there may have been some poor planning on my part, and so the only fair thing would be for me to single-handedly fix it.

Oh no... they just wanted to keep wailing on me.

Thankfully, Jessica chimed in by saying that in the official rules I had actually put the word "donate" in there. Seizing the opportunity, I compromised with everyone.

My Facebook group post:

Alright, so apparently this whole Assassin thing has just been blown way out of proportion. I don't want any more fuel to be added to the fire, so I ask that there be no more discussion about the events leading up to Assassin, or anything that has happened thus far. What's done is done.

I apologize for helping to organize an event so poorly, and I also apologize for the lack of communication between the floor. It won't happen again.

As my final involvement in this whole ordeal, I'm going to leave the option up to you:

(1) You can pay the $2 DONATION, or (2) if you were under the impression the money was required, you may request to have your money returned, and I will personally deliver it to you.

I cannot begin to describe to you how frustrating it was to deal with this whole situation. In fact, it was such an incredible incident that people revealed their true selves to me in order to gang up on me. If you already don't know, I'm a people person and I tend to read people like a book, so it was interesting to see everyone come out as the arrogant, manipulative assholes and bitches they are. Sure, they're still good people for the most part, but it would take an idiot to miss the blatant inner demons parading around on their faces, body language, attitude, and words.

I suppose it's a bittersweet irony for me to be the only one on the floor to see everyone for what they are, but also the one to be responsible for bringing it out.

And that's why these series of journals is called the silent observer. Recently, a lot of people have started taking notice of my unique ability to just "read" people. Some people, like my friend Meer, like it because he doesn't have to physically admit what is on his mind (embarrassed or ashamed), and we can just talk about it. Others don't like it because they think I can only get that information by physically invading their privacy.

In either case, a majority of the floor is cool with it because I don't use my ability for self gain, manipulating people to certain extents (I do kind of use it to give me an edge in flirting because flirting is just too amusing), but because I actively try to use it to be the best friend they've ever had.

So far, they really appreciate it.

God loves you