As some of you may or may not know, I organized a game of Assassins for my floor to participate in. The game was simple, you get a contract, kill that person and get their contacts, and keep going until there are only two people left standing to kill each other.

Yesterday, all hell broke loose, and not in a very fun way. The game hasn't ended, with my friends Wayne and Heidi left. Everyone kind of lost interest in the game because they haven't attempted to kill each other in over a month. So, a few days prior, a friend of mine came by and asked for his $2 back; everyone on the floor had to pay $2 for the prizes.

Now, here is were things start getting completely screwed up. The reason my friend asked for his money back was not only because there were rumors going around that the two agreed not to finish the game in an attempt to troll the floor, but only half of the participants actually paid the money. He figured why should he have to pay if others have no intention too. I agreed with him and made a post on our Facebook group telling people that I would return their money.

Wayne takes notice of this. Now, before I continue, I should mention that Wayne was one of the people "in charge" of the game because he helped with the rules, and he went ahead and bought our prizes (two Nerf guns) thinking he would be reimbursed by the money we collect. However, as I already stated, only half the people paid. That was technically my fault.

I told Tara, the other person "in charge," and Wayne that I would take care of collecting the money. At the time, they didn't want to do it because they felt it was embarrassing and degrading to go door to door asking for money. I was like whatever. The only issue was that no one carries around $2 (change or singles). As I previously stated, only half the people paid, and at the time, the other half said they would pay me whenever the happened to have $2. Over time, it was kind of a mix of trusting my floor mates to deliver and just generally "losing interest" in the game.

Wayne promptly pays me a visit and bitches me out for making a decision without discussing it with him first. This irritates me because while technically he was one of the administrators, he wasn't actually an administrator. He's just one of those guys that just likes to be in charge. I explained the situation to him, and then he responds by repeating that it wasn't my decision alone to give the money back, and confirming that he and Heidi made no such agreement. His excuse was that she's hard to kill... says the guy who has the most individual kills.

He then goes on to explain that it's my fault that not all of the money was collected, and while he was right, I defended myself by saying that if truly had any investment in the integrity of the game, he would have made an effort to check on my progress. I had a list of who has and hadn't paid on my door, so he was aware. At this point, it was blatantly clear that he figured he was going to win the game and not only wanted to keep the guns for winning, but all of the left over money as well.

I told him that I would go around and collect the rest of the money; it was the only fair thing to do. However, he said that it was too late because people already think they are getting their money back. I told him that it honestly wasn't a probably because I highly doubt the floor is going to care about $2. Again, he said that it just wasn't going to work. I realized that the motives behind his arguments was that he knew I would make him help me collect the rest of the money, and he didn't want to be looked down upon, just like he originally felt when it came to collecting the money. I really didn't want this to escalate, so I offered to pay the money and be done with it. Of course, he then says that would not be an ideal decision.

At this point in our conversation, he's only in my room to degrade me as a person and my integrity as an administrator. I simply told him that if he wants his damn money he is going to have to help me. He agrees, but first, I would have to delete my post and replace it with a notice that we would be coming around and people should be prepared.

This pisses off a few vocal people. Within minutes, my room was filled with Kevin and his friends. I want to note that Kevin was not a part of this, but it was his room, his friends, and he likes drama. They start going on about how they were never notified about any money to begin with, and digressed into how the rules were made, how the prizes were picked, the lack of communication, and who was really in charge of deciding all of these things.

Although Wayne was in the room, I was the only one recognized as the sole administrator of Assassins, and consequently had to deal with everything. This is exactly why I'm pissed off at Wayne as a person. Quick to be in charge, wanting all of the attention and praise of something successful, but the slightest signs of trouble and he'll hide behind others as his scapegoat. At this point, Wayne was just enjoying watching me suffer.

I had a solid argument, showing documentation (of meeting schedules and major decisions and the official rules) through our group Facebook posts, thoroughly explaining how everything was decided by a majority vote, and even apologizing FOR them about not actively participating in these meetings (participation = show up). Hell, in addition to all of this, I even went door to door when I was coming around for the money.

But alas, apparently $2 was a big deal for everyone. I was extremely pissed off at this point, so much so that I just said fuck it and whipped out the money that would cover the costs of the Nerf guns so I could be done with all of this...

"No Josh, that's unfair to you."

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