I told Ashlea about Christina and she couldn't stop laughing. I told her I was shocked by her reaction, but Ashlea said it was funny because its me, but she still wanted to "gouge the bitch's eyes out." I have such a lovely girlfriend...

And since we are on the subject of Ashlea, I want to say that our relationship isn't the strongest right now. We actually got into our first legitimate fight over the weekend, though she was the only one getting extremely angry and throwing the profanity around.

Long story short, we don't talk to each other as much as we used too. There are several factors contributing to this. First of all, the biggest factor was my transition to college. Not only do I have a busier schedule than when I was at home, but I actually have friends to hang out with. Then, Ashlea recently got a job, and now our schedules just aren't meshing together as well as they did. And to crush any hope of trying to work around our situation, Ashlea goes to bed extremely early, 9:00pm CST, and continuously refuses to stay up any later on most nights.

The thing that really irritates me is that Ashlea hates texting. I try to stay in contact with her throughout the day, but all she can manage is one word responses. I've pretty much given up on trying to text her anymore. She says she prefers to talk on the phone, but she just doesn't understand that our schedules aren't working out. She refuses to acknowledge that her unwillingness to stay up, even just an hour later, is really intensifying the situation.

Friday, I had the whole day free and she got out of school super early, so I proposed that we spend the entire day doing what she likes best, watching anime on netflix. After my only class I patiently waited for her to get home so we could spend all day together... she never showed up. No text. No phone call. Nothing.

I got a call around 9:00pm CST, her proverbial bedtime, and she started talking as if nothing happened. I was extremely pissed off because I had blown off a lot of my friends to hang out with her, and I told her why I was angry. It was a short lived conversation when I just told her to go to bed; I wanted to play on Live. Amanda can testify to this story, she was the reason I was getting on Live.

Obviously, Ashlea felt horrible, but as she apologized, she somehow made me feel bad for going off on her. Which pissed me off even more because I was not at fault whatsoever!

The next day, we talked it over and settled the situation. A day later we're on the phone and I'm just browsing the Internet. She figured that since I wasn't doing anything, we should watch some anime. Completely not in the mood to watch anime after the other day, I told her I simply didn't want to watch anime. She unexpectedly retorted by saying that I never want to do anything she wants.

At first I thought she was just playfully pouting, and made a little "joke" about the other day, but apparently I was wrong. She completely ignored the playfulness in my voice and got very angry. She hit her tipping point. She said that she thought we were past that incident and was being completely serious her statement, and just broke out the F bombs.

I was completely dumbfounded by her sudden outburst, and when I realized that she was being serious, I hung up on her. Again, we didn't talk for a while, but we made up. Sort of.

Right now, things are just very strained, and she doesn't make the situation any better by telling me she is constantly afraid that I am going to break up with her. As of right now, I'm just not feeling it. Not enough to break up with her, but at the same time... I honestly wouldn't care if we did.

I'd say the biggest thing for me is that Ashlea's immaturity is really starting to get on my nerves. And I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just that our age difference is becoming increasingly more apparent and aggravating. I know three years doesn't sound like a lot, but I can assure you that none of you have no idea how crazy a three year difference can be.

I'm just kind of "eh" about our relationship right now.

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