Assistance Required

3 years ago

Hello everyone! Remember a while back when I posted about my friend Charlie and his cover of Adele's "Someone Like You"? Well he and his co-singer, Emily Luther, have been nominated as this year's Best Cover Song. I would love the support because I feel they really do deserve this award. Please go and vote for them! It takes no time at all, no log in or anything like that. Just scroll down to "2011 Best Cover Song", and choose "Charlie Puth + Emily Luther, 'Someone Like You' (Originally by Adele)". Thank you guys so much and I know they appreciate it as well.


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  • SpiderWolve


    3 years ago

    Holy shit.

    They are so good....!

  • foxleader


    3 years ago

    came voted done.

  • HelloApril

    HelloApril Not Kakarot

    3 years ago

    I remember watching that video. They're great!
    Definitely voting.

  • Patrick

    Patrick Nerf Herder

    3 years ago

    Consider it done. You need anything, a broken leg, someone falling down the stairs, just day the word. Capice?

  • Juls

    Juls Blam Bitches

    3 years ago

    Wowwy wow wow wow. They are really good!

    PS I voted for them!

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  • caleb

    caleb Community Manager

    3 years ago


  • rupertjeff


    3 years ago

    Done! smiley0.gif