It's that special time of the year to start reflecting on the year gone by; the things we did right and the things we did wrong... but most importantly of all to start thinking about my New Year's Eve party playlist of the best of the year, to take a short - but coveted - spot in the evening's proceedings. In contrast to last year, which I found to be quite effortless and obvious, this year was a struggle. I initially had an internal debate - this year was weak for amazing songs, so should I start scraping into classics and late 2010 entries? I began adding them, but then I had an awakening. You know what, if I'm gonna make a best-of-the-year playlist, I'm gonna do it with integrity and do it right. Who cares about 2010. Stop living in the past, people.

So I eventually reached this, which I feel has shaped nicely, even if there is the odd stray classic in there. But to be honest if I could add We Found Love 47 times I just would.