Attack of the Block

3 years ago

Just finished watching the "Christmas Eve" movie with the roomies. Now I'm going to be staying awake until 5am, so that I can be the one to wake everyone up with loud noises (its either this or I sleep and they will for sure barge into my place and wake my tired, naked ass up). Luckily after present opening we are all going back to sleep for a few hours...

Anyways.... The movie had fuck all to do with the holidays other than it being set during a cold season and Christmas being mentioned once offhand. The concept is aliens crash in this ghetto neighborhood/apartment complex in London, and this group of hoodlums decide to take on the invasion. Now before you say that this movie has "hokey" written all over it, let me mention it has actual thoughtful plot. Don't get me wrong, there were some bad ass katana swinging and silliness, but the characters had some depth. They weren't just hoodlum #1, #2, etc. Movie was made by the same producers of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim, and you can see the similarities from the two films: random, ordinary folk running around after deadly creature attack and battles that are just fun and awesome to watch. Let me just mention this tho that its a movie with a few gory scenes, mostly props.... I think.... from what I saw through my fingers and safety blanket.... I did better tho with this movie than I have done in a LOOONG time. Wouldn't even mind watching it all again and being less skittish. Wrapping up: Movie amazingly fun and good to watch, go rent it at least and give it a whirl.

In other news: I got told off for not having any McFarlane toys on my tree, so I fixed it with this.

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  • Fungster


    3 years ago

    gotta see that movie