The other day I posted the story of how I proposed to Kaitlin. You can read it HERE!

Today (Jan 5, 2012), until Friday night at midnight, we are in a contest to win a $1000 gift card to a wedding dress store based on that story! Please help us win by voting and spreading the word through the RT community if you can!! You can vote by following this LINK HERE!!!!! All you have to do is click "Like" on the picture of the two of us!

I will post a copy of this journal in the comments so that if you wish to help us and repost it in your own journal you can just copy and paste it.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! VOTING ENDS AT MIDNIGHT FRIDAY!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS TO US!!!!! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

UPDATE: Check out the new journal! FINAL PUSH TO WIN!!!.