We're liveblogging the IAWTV awards!!

3 years ago

Aloha folks, I'm up here at the Rooster Teeth World Headquarters™ live blogging the IAWTV awards along with Miles, Barbara, Lindsay and Michael. Barb will be manning the YouTube comments and I'll be responding to posts here in the comments to this journal. If you are watching, LET US KNOW!

As a reminder, you can watch live by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!!

So it begins! We've got a montage of the nominees! I totally spotted Burnie and Gus in the videos!

The IAWTV award has been revealed. What should we call it?

Hey, the guy from Sports Night is on the stage! They are giving away the Education award. The winner is Dadlab! Where they build new Dads! Did you spot the RT crew in the audience?

Next up: Best News Web Series.

It sounds like Immersion is about to be up!! Psych... I heard hot chicks shooting zombies and I assumed it was Immersion. :( Hey, its the Fine Brothers! Congrats guys.

Hey, the Ask a Ninja guy. We're pals with him too!

Hey! It's the Red vs. Blue nomination videos! Hooray!

Hey! Felicia Day won our cat video nominee thingy! I have no idea what she actually won for, but isn't she pretty!

Sorry for not keeping up with the live blog, I'm responding in comments! Check there for the most frequent updates!

I don't know who Team Unicorn is, but I want to know.

And we get to see Felicia Day again! Hooray redheads!

There it is... the Arrow to the Knee joke. YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING.

HOSTING AWARDS! Burnie is nominated here!! Cross your fingers!

This is Burnies!!!

Awwwww, Burnie didn't win. DON'T BOTHER COMING HOME!

IMMERSION'S CATEGORY!! Cross fingers!! Awwww... no stick thingy. We still have RvB nominated!!

Alright, we have one more shot at best animated series! It's coming up soon!

RED VS. BLUE WON BEST ANIMATED SERIES! Hooray! Thanks everyone who watches!!!

We're closing up shop! Thanks for joining us!

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  • coolkranx


    1 year ago

    freddie D:

  • mikefizzled


    3 years ago

    Pretty funny to read through this late

  • Slenderlyman


    3 years ago

    I am severely disappointed in myself for missing this....

  • RaveSolid


    3 years ago

    Awesome job guys

  • AgentCotton


    3 years ago

    I Watched Them



    3 years ago

    Massive Congrats to everyone at Rooster teeth you all deserve that award.

  • RCFreeman17


    3 years ago

    I so fucking happy RvB won it's such an amazing show Rooster Teeth deserves that award.

  • Elras


    3 years ago

    Good job on updating your blog Jack. Congrats to all of you on winning best animation.

  • ciano930


    3 years ago

    Nice job jack, i wasn't able to watch so it was nice to be informed :)

  • IceEagle


    3 years ago

    Did you remember to find out who Team Unicorn was, cause if you did then here: Geek and Gamer Girls

    Fun Fact: Clare Grant from Team Unicorn is married to Seth Green.