Hey folks! It's Derek again doing another quick book review and this time it's Greg Bears second novel in the Forerunner saga, Halo Primordium.

This continues the story line from where the first one left off, only this time it's centered around Chakas and Riser, the two humans who aided a young Forerunner, Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting (mouthful ain't it?? :S) in reawakening the Didact, a very powerful and high ranking Warrior Servant, also the husband of the caretaker of all life in the galaxy, the Librarian.

In a nutshell Chakas becomes seperated from Bornstellar and Riser during a furious battle that raged between the Forerunners over the quarantined San Shyumm home world causing Chakas to become marooned on one of the surviving Halos, which will bring him on an epic journey to find out, with the aid of his inner warrior spirit, what fate awaits the galaxy and what role he and Riser will play in it.

All I'm gonna say is Greg Bear is a master of his craft. This will entertain fans, both new and old and will most certainly leave you gagging for the release of Halo 4! Bombshells will abound so be prepared for a few surprises in this one folks!

I give this one full marks. Just get it!!!