One thing I've never had is a tattoo, and as I've gotten older the desire to never get one has slowly diminished. I'm at a point now where I think I would actually be cool with one as long as it was cool, unique and meant something to me.

That being said, I think I came up with the perfect idea for a tattoo for me, but the problem is, the image doesn't exist.

I want to get an 8-bit version of the state of Texas.

When you Google "8 Bit Texas" the first result you actually get is a piece of art my friend Lance did for me, ironic.

So, this is where I lean on you, the power of the internet. Are you an artist? Do you think you might have an idea of how to incorporate the state of Texas with an 8-bit look? For reference, I'm thinking something similar to the tree in this image.

For those of you interested, this is the state of Texas. I was thinking about incorporating the flag colors in with it as well, if that makes sense. Something simliar to this.

Now, if you were ever wondering if your art could grace the arm of someone someday, this might be your chance. I have 0 artistic ability, but there is bound to be a few of you out there who might be able to pull something like this off. Feel free to post links in the comments or graphics or posts telling me I'm an idiot for thinking about getting a tattoo.

Internet... GO!