Learning how to play the Oboe

3 years ago

I realized my symphonic band didn't have an Oboe player at all, and was playing several pieces that call for one. This simply won't do. So what did I do? Told the band director that I'm going to learn to play the Oboe and get that little problem fixed. Oh, and I've never played a woodwind instrument before. And the oboe is difficult even for people who have played a woodwind before to learn.

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  • WolfMonkey


    3 years ago

    I challenge you to learn... chinese!

  • SailorTweek

    SailorTweek RT Booth Babe

    3 years ago

    Talk to OboeCrazy.
    She may know a thing or two about oboes smiley8.gif

  • scheree

    scheree Artist

    3 years ago

    Good luck captain! *salute*