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As he walked down the path seeing all the slave working, while in tattered clothes; it was heart breaking for him to see such. Slavery was outlaw back home. One could only guess how many of there were from his home country. This thought left a expression of hate and sadness on his face. Before he had realized he had stop walking half way to the mansion only to be snap back in when heard a soft voice. He look down to his left and to see a female neko bowing to him. Trace towered her. The girl could not have been older than 15. The expression of hate left his face only to be replaced with kindness, "Now now, there's no need to bow to me kitten." he said softly and gently. Trace than sweetly patted her head and rub one of her ears for a few moments. Trace then kneeled down and held the neko's free hand, and place a red paper flower in it. "Now, keep this hidden on you at all times, as long as you have this, you'll be safe from monsters." he said kindly as he softly closed her hand around the paper flower. In fact, that paper flower was more; it was a charm fill with enough manna to prevent demons from seeing her. Trace smiled, "Now don't tell anyone I gave that to you; ok?" The white knight stood up and then sighed, "Kitten, please take me to you master, I have something to discuss with him." he said as gentle as he could be.
The girls eyes widened as a smiled came over her face. Gripping the red paper flower in her hand, she was so excited, this being the first gift she'd ever received in her life outside of her clothes and her collar. It was the same for every slave owned, not just in the estate, but the whole desert. They were each given a set of working clothes, the rags they wore that were allowed to get dirty as they worked in the red sand and clay, and a set of slightly nicer clothes, nothing special, just something to wear that was presentable while guests were around when they held parties. She nodded as she looked up at him, she would never let it out of her sight, her smile went across her face, from ear to ear and even further had it been possible. Her smile fell though as she continued to speak, "I-I'm sorry sir, but Master isn't home just yet. H-his wife is here now though sir!!" she flinched as she spoke, expecting Trace to be upset with her for telling him, "B-but he should be home this evening, the mistress is having the party, celebrate the masters homecoming."
Trace sighed and placed his right hand on his face, "Figures." he chuckled. At this point Trace was annoyed, however the kind expression on his face remained. If not for him but for the little neko, "That will be fine kitten take me to her, but first...." Trace kneeled down again to the neko to at eye level with her, "I'll give you two Sil if you tell me you born given name." he said just as kindly as before.
The girl nodded and smiled, having never seen money before, other than to get groceries in the market, but it was never for her to keep. "M-my name is Thirteen sir." She smiled brightly, having never had a normal conversation with anyone that wasn't a fellow slave. She started making her way, leading Trace to the house, "The mistress is inside, last I saw sir, she was in the kitchen." She stopped at the door and dusted off her feet before entering. The inside was massive and well furnished, most of which had recently been arranged to create more room. The clatter of pots and pans could be heard from the back in the kitchen and a high pitched bitchy whine, "What Are You Doing?! Don't Burn It!!!"
Trace gave a kind smile as he gave her two Sil, "good girl." he said sweetly and patted her head. Once they were at the door which lead to the kitchen Trace look at Thirteen, "Now kitten, "you stay by my side just for a little longer ok?" he asked sweetly. Trace then opened the door to the kitchen leaving enough room to have Thirteen walk with him then looked at the mistress barking orders. Trace made a brief sigh and pulled out Oluft's family crest, "Miss Caspain, "I need to speak to you." he ask kindly yet loud enough to be heard over the noises of the kitchen.