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The girl hesitated before looking up at him. It was in fact her, her right eye a very brilliant sapphire blue, her left, a glittering golden color. As she lifted her chin to look at him, he could see her collar, a black leather with a sliver bell and a tag engraved with 'Seven' on the front. "I-I'm sorry sir." Her face was almost as soft as her voice. It wasn't hard to see she was a little scared of him, even as he spoke with a gentle voice which she clearly wasn't use to.
Trace 's crimson eyes met with hers; who knew eyes that looked like a monsters eyes could give such a gentle and kind look. Trace was slightly dumbfounded, her over all beauty seemed to make his tongue twisted. Seven would be able to tell due to he was blushing just slight brighter then he was. Once he was able to straighten his tongue spoke, "There's nothing to be sorry about, I will not hurt you. You haven't done anything wrong." he said kindly.
"Found her."
Trace then sat down at the love seat next to the coffee table, gestured to sit with him, "If you are not too busy, I would like to have a little talk with you." he said smooth as velvet yet remain pleasant of that of a gentleman.

Sevens eyes widened slightly and she gasped Oh no! I messed up his coffee! "O-oh, o-okay." her voice trembled, "I... I'm sorry if the coffee is wrong sir!" she bowed deeply, "I'll get you a fresh cup!" Seven was practically shaking, she flinched in anticipation for Trace to lash out at her.
Trace sighed, he knew something like this would happen, "No you're good, the coffee is good." he said kindly and reached for one of her ears while she wasn't looking down bowing. As he petted her, he cast a small calming spell on her, "Saemy." he said in a smooth tone. Once she had calmed down he again gestured for her to sit, "Please sit with me." he asked sweetly.
Seven hesitated before slowly straightening up, and taking caution as she slowly sat next to him, "Y-yes sir. Sorry, is there something wrong?" She spoke timidly, her mind in a million different places wondering if she was in trouble and what it was that she did wrong. As she sat down, the bottom half of her outfit moved with her, giving way the shape of her thighs and lower parts of her cheeks. For being a desert slave, she had surprisingly fair skin.
Seeing the extra skin Trace became distracted by a moment or two but quickly recovered, "No wonder everyone in the bar knew who this girl was." he thought to himself. Trace leaned back reaching into his clock and pulled out a square looking gem. The gem was jade green with odd writing on it. Trace then ran his finger along it and it glowed for a second then faded. The Knight then place the gem on the table beside them. Trace return his gaze to Seven. Trace the began asking the fox girl question leaving time in between for her to answer.
"First, what is your name?" Trace ask kindly like a gentleman and waited for her answers.

Seven tilted her head in awe watching the gem glow then shook her head, placing herself back into reality as Trace spoke. Her eyes shifted, no human had ever been interested or taken the time to ask her about... well... anything really.
"Seven sir..." Her voice was still low, barely above a whisper.
"How long have you been owned by you current master?"
"I was born into Masters estate sir. The slaves born into his household is given a number. The only one's given a human name are the ones Master buys that already have one."
"Have you ever left the Estate or had been ordered to leave the Estate with the past three months?"
Seven shook her head, "I've never left the town, and rarely venture beyond the estate gates."
She continued to avoid eye contact with him, he was rather intimidating, seeing how she seemed to be a fraction of his size.
Trace felt a little sad for her, to be given a number for a name, this is one of the reason why he hate slavery so much. There's so much to live for, and this girl hasn't even seen a fraction of it. He then took notice at her always looking down. Maybe it was all his armor that is scaring her. Trace then give a kind smile, "Please, don't look down, I am not going to hurt you." he thought taking off his armor but didn't want to cause a misunderstanding, so he left it on.
Trace the reach down and took another sip of his coffee, " This is really good, I must thank you again for the coffee." he said sweetly. Trace paused and then continued questioning. Again he ask a politely as possible.

Being a slave didn't seem to bother her like it did the others, she had a strange sense of self that gave her comfort in what she did. She again looked back up him, still having a hard time remembering, fighting what had been ingrained into her for her entire life, "Sorry sir..."
Seven forced a smile, "I'm glad you're pleased sir, I can get you another if you like..."
"Have you ever met with a man named Oloft?"
"Oloft sir?" Seven thought long and hard for several moments before she slowly shook her head, "I... I don't think so... not unless he was one of the masters guests at a party before..."
"Has anyone besides your master and mistress ever gave you something?"
Seven gave him a rather confused look, slaves didn't receive gifts, "Nnooo?" she questioned, not sure she fully understood the question, "I only ever received clothes sir..."
"Are your parents alive, if so what are their names?"
"No sir... I don't know who my father was sir and my mother died when I was born. My mother was a slave to Master's family and was inherited by the Master when his father passed away. Some of the older slaves tell me that I resemble her in every way..." She said with a soft smile across her face.