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Again Trace felt sad for her, no living being should answer or to be asked such question. A part of Trace felt bitter for asking her these questions. Trace gave her a kind expression, "I am sorry to be asking you these question it must be uncomfortable to answer some of them."
Seven shook her head, "They aren't uncomfortable sir. I... it's just that humans don't take to slaves, no one's ever asked me anything beyond my name sir."
Trace look down and closed his eyes for a few seconds and opened them again looking at her softly, "These next few questions may be uncomfortable, but please bare with them." he said kindly.
"Have you ever willing, or been forced, or been ordered to have intercourse with another master?" he asked very gently.
"Have you ever fallen asleep in one place and woke up in another place?"
"Have you ever fallen asleep with cloths on and woke up in the nude?"
"Have you ever just randomly blacked out at any time in the past or present?"
The last few question left a bad taste in his mouth. It Showed on his face he didn't like asking her those questions.

Seven's eyes suddenly fell and her face dropped a little, "I.... umm..." She couldn't answer his next set of questions. It was clear she was uncomfortable, she seemed at conflict with herself. She opened her mouth to answer only to shut it again.
Trace knew this might have happened and knew how she felt. Indeed they were not pleasant questions. Trace sighed, "I know there not fun questions, but it important, please bare with them, someone's life could be at stake if you don't answer them." he said felling guilty on having saying that. It was true, so pending what her answers were his or her life could be at stake. Trace was sent to fetch a girl matching her image; not to investigate.
Trace tried to reassure her, "If you can't give me details, yes and no answers will be fine." he said kindly.

Seven looked back down at the floor, "I... I'm sorry sir... but I've been forbidden to speak of such things..." Her voice trailed off as she took a deep breath and looked back up at Trace, not really knowing how to answer his question without going against her master's orders.
Trace gave a nod, "I see, well if you been ordered not to answer such questions it can't be helped, You are just obeying your master." he said with a slight annoyance. Trace shook his head, "If that's how she was going to answer them I can pretty much guess that's a yes to all accounts." he thought. Trace looked up at her kindly, "One last question, how would you feel if you were taken away from this estate?" he ask softly.
Seven's eyes widened in fear, "B-but my master is here!" She exclaimed, growing slightly nervous. She was nothing without a master, it's the only life she knew and wouldn't be able to handle life outside the estate. It was simply who she was.
Trace held up his hand up and down, "Calm down, I can figure out that answer from that." he said he said in a soft but stern tone. He hated slavery. Trace then reached into his cloak and pulled out a flower. It was a rare golden lily, "I want you to have this." he said sweetly as he reached over and placed it in the right side of her hair. Deep within the flower there was another but small jade like gem stone.
Trace then looked at her and rubbed her right ear kindly, "You can go now, but if your able to, I would like you to send me the slave that raised you or the slave that's been in this estate the longest. If you would be so kind." he ask like a gentleman.

Seven's heart jumped a little as she smiled, she had never been given anything so pretty before. She opened her mouth to thank him but was at a loss for words and only stuttered, "I... sir..." She smiled brightly as he rubbed her ear, leaning into his hand and softly closed her eyes. She stood up as he dismissed her, "Yes sir...." she bowed, taking her leave. Being at eye level with him this time, he had a clear view down her outfit. "That would be Nyx sir. I'll see if I can find her for you." Seven took her leave of Trace.
After thirty minutes or so, guests had begun to arrive, bypassing the study and going onto the larger area of the front rooms. An older woman knocked at the study door, her maid outfit was much more suiting for her age which must have been pushing 40 at least. "Seven said you'd called for me sir?"
The View was indeed clear as he could see them well enough to figure out the size of them Ds!!!! Once Seven left he snapped out of it and found he had a slight grin on his face. Once he calmed down he reached into his cloak and placed a very small smooth blue gem like stone and placed it in his ear, he could now hear everything that was near Seven.
Trace heard the knocking at the door and turn to face Nyx, and ask her to sit. Once she sat down Trace just finished sipping down his already cold coffee. As Trace place the empty cup down he looked at Nyx with kind eyes, "I would like you to please tell me everything you know about Seven from start to current time." he ask the blunt question like a gentleman.