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Caspain raised an eyebrow, "Thirteen?" He cringed his face in confusion, "You're the first person to ask for Thirteen... most ask for Seven... how much are you offering?"
Trace made a slight grin, "Well since she is young that adds to her price but being young she is very un trained, that makes the price go down, if she's a virgin to goes up, pink hair goes up, so her current market value would 1000 Gil and 400 Sil." he stated Trace than reach into his cloak and place three bags of money on the desk, "What's in those bags matches her current worth." he stated.
Caspain nodded as he spoke, agreeing with what he was saying, "She is indeed a virgin, unless one of the other slaves got to her that I don't know about..." he joked, "Add another 100 Sil to that and she's all yours."
Trace made a annoyed expression and reach in and pulled another bag with 100 Sil than rested on the desk , "There could you have someone send here please the we go over the international matter." he said pleasantly.
Caspain nodded, "Nyx! Go get Thirteen. Send her here." He looked back to Trace, "And the other matter you had?"
Trace reached into his cloak and showed the warrant to Caspain, "I have an arrest warrant from Count Oloft to arrest Seven and take her overseas." he said as he showed Caspain the Oloft family crest to prove this wasn't a joke.
Caspain held out his hand to take a closer look and slowly shook his head, "She is my prized slave, I don't know who this... Count Oloft is... or why there's an arrest warrant out for Seven... I've been offered 3,000 Gil for her and the bid continues to climb, I'm not about to just hand her over without compensation..."
Trace shook his head, "Well of course and I am willing to pay for her." he said as Trace then pulled out a bond book, "Royal international bond, the most reliable bonds in the world, the same bond the kings use, so name your price." he said holding a pen to the bond book.
Caspain sat up a little, intrigued by his insistence on Seven, "I don't know if you're count is trying to push the two countries onto an even bigger war than we're already on the brink of, but if this doesn't clear, there will be no denying the war's enviable out break..."
Trace sighed still while holding the pen in place, "To be honest I don't care, I am just here doing a job that I was assigned too." he half lied. Always have a little be of truth in the lie, it makes the lie easier to swallow. Trace kept looking at Caspain, "So name your place." he didn't care how much money she cost it was Oloft's money.
"Playing with another man's money, it's always dangerous.... 10,000 Gil..." Caspain grinned, "I'll accept no less for my prized slave..."
As he said this Thirteen entered, and bowed, "You called for me Master?"
Caspain looked at her and snarled, "I'm no longer your master Thirteen," he nodded to Trace, "He is..."
Trace smiled once he finally got a number out and wrote it down faster than blowing a flame off a candle. Trace then removed the bond from the book and said, "Deal!" then handed the bond to Caspain. Both Trace and Caspain knew the laws of Slavery. Rule 27 stated that no Slave can leave an estate without its master and rule 5: A slave being purchased privately between master to master even with another man's money, the slave will still belong to the master who was there that offered the purchased until delivered. Both of them knew that the moment Caspain took the bond, Trace will legally own Seven.
Trace then looked at Thirteen with a kind look, "Come stand next to me." he said kindly.

Caspain reached up and before he grabbed the note, he stopped, "Entertain me for a moment. Tell me knight, what is the warrant for Seven's arrest for?" his curiosity had been raised. Seven hadn't been off the estate in quite some time, and couldn't imagine what she had done that had broken any laws.
Thirteen looked back at Caspain as she slowly stood behind Trace, a little nervous.
Trace Kept the sighed bond hanging in his hand towards Caspain, "Figures, there's always something." he thought. Trace looked at Caspain right in the eyes, "To be honest apparently she stole something." he stated, pending on how Caspain reacts to Trace's answers and how Trace would react to Caspain's reaction, this could end peacefully or bloody. Trace reached back to Thirteen with his free hand and gently patted her shoulder to make sure she remain calm.