ACA is the Affordable Care Act, that healthcare legislation everyone was so eager to get passed a while back even though most people had no idea what it actually said. Me, I don't care. I have health insurance. So it doesn't change shit for me.

Anyway, the most basic premise is that, by the time everything is in place in like 2014, everyone will be able to get health insurance and everyone will be required to get health insurance. Part of this that has already gone into action is that the age of dependent children you can put on your health insurance was mandated to be up to 26. Different companies had different cutoff ages for dependents, 21, 23, whatever. Now companies have to let kids be on their parents' plan until they're 26.

And believe me, insurance companies aren't crying their eyes out about this one. That's thousands upon thousands of new members that they're getting premiums for and right at the age where they're least likely to be contracting serious illnesses and least likely to have access to insurance through employers or someone.

Here's the funny bit, though. Because the legislation is intended to make sure everyone has access to health insurance, the parents no longer get a choice in the matter. So say your kid is a jobless drug addict who got kicked out of the house at 22 because he sold all of mom's jewelry for crack. If he can come out of his drugged-up haze for long enough to call your health insurance company, he can get on the policy, and you have to pay premiums, coinsurance, deductible, whatever for him. You don't get a choice.

This has led to a large number of calls from unhappy parents, which are invariably hilarious (at least to me, although not to the harried customer service people who have to actually answer them). I love you, America. You always know how to make me laugh.