What I Learned Today

3 years ago

Apparently Burnie is highly allergic to Sage. In an unrelated note I've decided to give up on Dove.

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  • nickst7719


    3 years ago

    I fucken love you man

  • ozma


    3 years ago

    So that whole comment should be used in season 10. Only Caboose would come up with something like that

  • The_Kid_A


    3 years ago

    "What's brought you to this lowwwwwly state?"-Rooster Teeth staff
    "It was...it was...soap..poisoning." -Burnie

  • barbershop04


    3 years ago

    Caboose killed church..... Again

  • siggma373


    3 years ago

    Well we all learn something new everyday.

  • trevorsisom


    3 years ago

    Great tactic of trying to keep burnie away:
    Cover yourself with sage

  • WendyDarling


    3 years ago

    sounds serious

  • vergil693


    3 years ago

    Yes Dove makes your skin feel dry and while i'm walking in my school i have my hands on my hips scratching as i take a step and i'm like "WHY GOD WHY?"
    and burnie's allergic to sage... caboose y u try to kill church again?

  • the_steve


    3 years ago

    Is he allergic to cinnamon? Because I'm still holding out hope that the rest of the RT crew will down a spoonful.

  • JamesTrumbo


    3 years ago

    Now just rub it on all of your food.