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Seven forced a smile at Trace as she held onto his hand and the new set of clothes. As they took their seats and Trace handed him a menu, Seven and Thirteen looked at each other, Seven's ears lowered slightly embarrassed, Thirteen looked up with a confused look, she opened her mouth to speak but decided since he was looking over the menu, it was best not to disturb him.
After a moment or two of looking through his menu he expected to hear what Seven and Thirteen wanted and as he noticed their silences. Trace looked at them and saw that Seven and Thirteen were completely lost. After a moment he understood why and the expression of rage appeared in his eyes as they shined, "Caspain you bastard, you didn't teach them how to read!" He thought. By then a waitress had came up to them and ask, "What will it be?" Trace's eyes returned to their normal shade of red as he look at the waitress, "All three of us will have T-bone steaks with sweet potato and apple turnovers. Oh and we'll have water to drink." he said to the waitress. The waitress nodded and left.
Trace then look at Seven and Thirteen reaching over and rubbed their ears, "I am sorry, I had no idea you two couldn't read." he said in a guilty tone.

Seven looked more embarrassed than anything else, while Thirteen on the other hand was getting excited about her meal that Trace had ordered them, having never eaten anything as well as that. After only a moment, the waitress returned with the water of which Seven and Thirteen both drank the entire glass before the waitress could set it down on the table. The men's eyes wandered to Seven and back to themselves when Trace looked at them, Seven was blissfully unaware of the men's interest in her. Thirteen looked up at Trace and smiled playfully, "Where are we leaving to in the morning Master?"
Trace nodded to Thirteen, "Indeed we are, we'll be heading back to my home country, but we need to get to Port Valley. My teacher is waiting for me there with a ship." Trace paused noticing men looking at Seven and turned with his gaze that scared the crap out of them when he made his eyes glow at them. Trace then returned to Thirteen and gave a soft smile, "While we travel at sea I'll have the time to teach you both how to read." he said softly.
Trace then reached for his glass of water and took a sip. Perhaps a little fast as little drop of water escaped his lips and slide down his neck. Trace then placed the half full glass back down, "Wow, I guess I really needed that." he said with a silly smile. Trace then looked at Seven, "Now I know you have a lot of questions so while we wait on our food why don't you ask me some and I'll answer them the best I can." he said kindly to Seven and Thirteen.

Seven remained quiet, staring downward at her empty glass, not even really at that either, she was more or less zoning out. Thirteen was excited, she really didn't have any question about where they were going, she was more interested in things about her new master, having a school girl crush on him, "Is there a mistress that we are to obey as well?" trying to pry any information she could about Trace's love life out of him while being as desecrate as she could be without over stepping the slave boundaries.
Trace smiled and chuckled, "Oh, no no, I am not married, so you will not have anything to worry about." he said in a cheerful manner and playful poked Thirteen's nose. Trace looked at Seven looking down at her empty glass. He then took the water pitcher and reached over and filled her glass, "If you wanted more you all you have to do is ask." he said to her with a warm smile. Trace then looked back at Thirteen, "Any others? Really now ask as many as you want." he looked at Seven, "You can ask too if you like." he said trying to somehow cheer Seven up.