Is that really what it's called Miles?

3 years ago

I'm working on some RTX stuff this morning and started pulling apart a design file that Miles has been working on. Inside the photoshop document was a folder labelled 'The Atari Code'. Curious, I opened it up to figure out what was inside of it. I was presented with this graphic...


Miles, is this really called the Atari Code? Do I need to take your video game street-cred away? smiley0.gif

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  • the_steve


    3 years ago

    Shame!! LOL

  • nestormoreno


    3 years ago

    When did this guy get hired?

  • warhakw9566


    3 years ago

    that reminds me of a phrase i saw on a video. there was a girl and all of the sudden she grabs her boobs and says
    "Activate my huge Breast combo!
    Up up, down down, left right, left right, B A, B A" while moving her boobs according to the "combo"

  • Znarftarf


    3 years ago

    Don't be too hard on the guy. Everyone learns one way or another.

  • Tock


    3 years ago

    IIRC that's an old school NES code.

  • cubsfan05


    3 years ago

    maybe that is the never-heard-of atari code.
    true we all know of the konami code, but maybe there's a secret atari code out there

  • RazeFlare


    3 years ago

    Adam or whoever should integrate the Konami code into the website... Just saying.

  • primeian


    3 years ago

    Actually, that's not the rite code. It's up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. Not A, B.

  • _Caz_


    3 years ago

    Am I the only one who sees the shape of a sword, which has caused my brain to now only see the word Stab?? *Not to be confused with Swish-Swish-Stab*

  • gt_lightishred


    3 years ago

    The Code! It's not the code!