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Seven shook her head and set herself back into what was happening, "S-sorry Master..." her voice was quiet as she lowered her ears feeling as though she had done something wrong. Thirteen giggled, trying to think of anything else that she wanted to know about him without crossing that line. He wasn't married, but was there someone he was interested in? "Will there... be a mistress... eventually?" she couldn't quite find the right words to ask her question and pouted slightly at herself for not coming up with a better way to phrase it. Seven looked back and forth between Trace and Thirteen, eyes big as she tried to follow the conversation.
Trace chuckled again and had a big smile and rest his chin on top of his hand, "Well, in the past, my teacher could have been, but I think that's impossible now." he said then looked at Seven than back to Thirteen, "So who's to say, but I tell you what, unlike this country I can marry anyone I want, and have as many wives as I want, so who knows. if you play your cards right maybe one of you two... or both could be my wives." he said in a way they couldn't tell if he was joking or not.
Thirteen giggled and rested her head in her hands as she stared at Trace, not even trying to hide her crush. Seven was completely lost at what they were even talking about, before she could figure any of it out, the waitress came with the food, setting the plates down in front of each of them. Thirteen was ready to dig in when she noticed Seven hadn't touched her plate. Thirteen sighed and nodded as they both watched as Trace started eating his food, their hands in their laps, as though they were waiting for something, but what? Thirteen's stomach growled slightly as the smell of the food filled the both, the smell alone could have made anyone start to drool. Seven and Thirteen waiting in patience as they looked onward.
As Trace was in the middle of chewing his food he noticed Seven and Thirteen not eating as if they were waiting for something. Trace paused then swallowed his food and placed is fork down, "Look, Seven, Thirteen, if it's your food, and you know it's your food to eat and if it's is in front of you as it is now, you don't need me to tell you to go ahead and eat, so eat up." he said kindly to both of them. Trace than realized that even though Thirteen was a little more free in mind than Seven there seemed to still be things he'll have to un program out of her too.
Trace didn't take another bite until they started eating.

Seven looked down at her plate then back up at Trace, "I-it's not that Master..." Seven's voice was barely above a whisper, "Slaves aren't to eat until the master has finished..." Thirteen nodded in agreement, "In case the master wants more, it's to make sure the master has his fill before the food is gone." It suddenly becomes apparent to Trace that the girls didn't become petite on their own, it's just rather hard to gain weight on left over scraps shared among two or three dozen other slaves. Though neither of them looked malnourished by any means, their thin-ness seemed to stand out a little more knowing they've probably never actually had a full stomach.
Trace sighed and nodded, "Ok how about this then. As I am strapped for time, it would cost me more trouble to have you two wait for me to finish eating and then me have to wait for you two to finish eating, so It would be better for the three of us to eat together now." he said kindly with a friendly wink at them. Trace then reached for his glass of water and took a sip then rested it back on the table, "I am your new master, I am not Caspain, I have less rules." he said as he cut into his steak and took another bite.
Thirteen smiled and nodded and dug into her food, practically moaning at the taste, Seven picked up her fork hesitantly before cutting a small bite out of hers and slowly chewing on it. Within a matter of minutes, Thirteen had finished off her entire plate, not a crumb on it and the bone picked clean. She sat back with satisfaction put her hand over her stomach, Best. Meal. Ever... She looked over at Seven who -if it was possible- was slowing down about half way through her plate, clearly uncomfortable going against the rules she had known her entire life. Thirteen looked to Trace and rested her head in her hands and watched him eat.