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As Trace was half done with his meal as all was left of the steak was the bone and worked on the sweet potato, he could feel Thirteen's eyes gazing at him. Trace could sense her current emotion shooting out from her. He pretty much figured out that she had a thing for him. Trace looked over at Thirteen and gave a playful wink to her. Trace then noticed that Seven had slowed down. Since Trace knew talking to her might upset her further he decided to pick up the pace on his food.
Thirteen smiled and giggled, never really taking her eyes off of Trace, staring at him with dreamy eyes, winking at her only egged on her infatuation with him. Seven had set her fork down and pushed her plate away, she was done. The meal was good, it was just too much for her with everything that had happened throughout the day.
Trace looked at Seven and sighed, "well at least she ate over half of it." Trace waved his hand to the waitress and paid for the meal. Trace stood up and kindly took Seven and Thirteen's hands as they got to the doors of the tavern the three of them could see it was night time, "Damn, we must had stayed in there longer then I thought." he then looked at Seven, "Now hold on to me tight, darkness feeds a man's temptation..." Trace then looked at the pinked haired neko, "...that goes double for you Thirteen." he said kindly to them and walked out of the tavern.
Seven loosely held onto Trace's hand as Thirteen clung to his arm, refusing to let go. They continued to walk and could see the West Sun setting in the horizon, giving way to the star-lit night sky. The men continued to loom at Seven as they walked down the street towards the inn. News like this travels fast, by now, the entire town knew that Seven no longer belonged to Caspain and that alone put images in every man's head.
As the three of them walk they were within feet of the Inn when Trace noticed it was too devoid of life and too quite. Suddenly five man jumped out at them Trace reacted. He let go of the girls and rammed into the first man, knocking him on his back. He then slammed his fist dead in the nose of the second man, breaking it. The third man got knocked out by a steel clad elbow to the chest and the fourth man tripped and when he fell on his back Trace stomped on the man's chest breaking four ribs. Trace back stepped to avoid a fist only to catch that fist and sent the fifth man up into the air. Trace's eyes widened when he heard Thirteen call out to him in panic. Trace turned to see as two men had Seven and Thirteen with a arm around their necks. Trace's eye glowed in rage.
Fuck, there was seven of them.
The sixth and seventh men were panicky on how fast took down their buddies, "Get back, all we want is Seven, if you move I'll kill then youngling." said the sixth man as he held a knife to Thirteen's neck. Trace could feel Seven and Thirteen's fear. The seventh man looked down Seven's dress and grabbed her right breast painfully hard, "Finally all mine!"
Trace looked at Seven and Thirteen, "Seven! Thirteen! I want you to stay completely still and keep looking at me, Understand?" he ordered.
The sixth man started to worry slightly, "Get back, I'll kill her!"

Thirteen nodded, never taking her eyes off Trace, she was shaking in fear. Seven let out a painful scream and started to whimper at the man behind her. Her eyes were cringed tightly shut as she started to tremble, not hearing a word Trace had said. In Sevens mind she was a slave, a dime a dozen, Trace had no reason to risk his life to save theirs. Thirteen however had much more faith in their new master, seeing him take out five thugs single handedly.