A long time ago when I was a wee lad my brother and I would watch Halo 1 videos online, and they were always hilarious and I loved them, and more importantly it was something that bonded us together. Now he's in the Air force and I decided to try and find those videos again. I looked for a while and couldn't find them again, But through sheer luck I started looking up achievement hunter videos and saw that rooster teeth was a channel for it, So I subbed, of course.

A month or two down the line a video for RVB popped into my sub box, andLo' and behold I found what I had stopped looking for and just about crapped myself. I looked up all the RVB I could, which eventually led me here. It took me a couple months to sign up, if only because I was lazy, but I'm finally here, and I know I'll have a good time.