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Trace looked at the man groping Seven and his eyes glowed brighter, "BURN." and the seventh man's eyes burst into flames. He released the fox girl in order to covered his eyes as he screamed in pain, "AHH MY EYES IM BLIND AHHHHH!!"
The sixth man looked at his buddy, "What the hell!?" he shouted. By the time he went to look back at Trace the white knight had his hand the held the knife and crushed it. Man six fell back in pain as he left thirteen go. Trace then swooped down and pick the neko up and ran to Seven, "Thank god your both ok, "He said as he lovingly hugged them both.
Both men continued to scream in pain.

Thirteen quickly wrapped her arms around Trace in relief, sobbing. Seven hadn't even opened her eyes, she was still shaking, still whimpering, unable to cope with the random attack. Thirteen looked up at Trace and with tears in her eyes, "Thank You Master!!"
Trace held onto them both, "Yeah, so happy that you two are ok, " he said kissing them both on the cheek. Once Seven and Thirteen calmed down he let them go and walked over to the sixth man. He looked at Trace "No no no!" he said as he placed his foot on the man's neck, Trace then looked at Thirteen, "Do you want me to kill him?" he ask bluntly. Man six panic "Oh GOD PLEASE DON'T!!!"
Thirteen's eyes widened in shock and fear, not being able to cope with death, at least not having it in her hands, Seven held onto Thirteen's arm as she shook her head, not wanting to be the reason for a man's death. Seven buried her head into Thirteen's shoulder as they hugged each other, wishing they were anywhere but there.
Trace understood Thirteen's reaction and left the sixth man where he lay. Trace then kneeled down and once again hugged them both kissing their foreheads. Trace look deep into Seven's eyes, "Look, I am not going to let any man ever touch you as long as you live. I care about you, and I will never let anyone used you ever again, you're one of a kind, there will never be another you ever and no one could ever replace you, so I will protect you." he said sweetly and easily picked her up.
Trace looked down at Thirteen, "The same goes for you." he said softly. Trace then lead them to the inn and took them into his room. It was a small room, one bed, one shower room, one night stand and a really small table in the center. Trace locked the door behind him and sat down on the bed with Seven in his lap and Thirteen next to him. Trace continued to stroked Seven's back till she calmed down.

Seven was still shaking. Why... save me? Seven's mind was baffled, as she looked up at Trace, confusion fell over her face. Seven held back the urge to hug him. Thirteen stood by Trace and stared at him in awe, "You're so brave Master...." She had her hands behind her back and swaying her hips. Seven looked over at Thirteen and opened her mouth to add to what she had said, but she couldn't get it out.
Trace leaned back to looked into Seven's eyes, and he did so deeply. Looking into her saw so much confusion. Trace place his free hand sweetly on her cheek and smiled at her, "You are beautiful, and a person, you are not a thing, you can breath, you can think, you can feel, you can laugh and cry, that's what makes you, you, and a person as well. You're not some random toy to be played with and then discarded when you break. I value you, not because you're a slave, but because your are Seven." He spoke to her in a way she has never felt before, this feeling would seem new to her. Trace then place his forehead onto hers, "You feel that, that's my warmth...." Trace then took one of Seven's hands and slipped it under his armor over his heart. She could feel the strong beat, "...You feel that, that's my heart beat, it shows me that I am a living person, Trace then took her same hand and placed it over where her heart is, "And that's your heart beat, you're a living person, things do not have an heart." he said in a tender tone of voice.