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Seven's lip started to quiver, her heart began to race and her stomach churned, "I..." she looked up in his eyes and back down to where she had her hand and felt his heart beating. Trace could feel Seven's heart racing, Seven's muscles tensed up, holding everything back. "I... Thank you Master..." she whispered. Seven looked up into his eyes again and started to smile. Thirteen started to grin playfully as she giggled, breaking Seven's attention away from Trace.
Trace smiled back at Seven, "Wow, talk about a smile that can brighten any day." he said sweetly kissed her cheek just as sweetly. Trace then turned to face Thirteen and smiled at her, "Yeah I see you too, " he said playfully and kissed her on the cheek too. Trace then slide Seven off his lap and onto the bed than stood up, "OK then, it's getting late, how about you two go take a shower real quick then I'll teach you how your knew bra works, OK?" he stated and started to disassemble the armor that was on his body.
Seven and Thirteen nodded and they each went into the tiny bathroom. Seven started the bathwater and began making it like she normally did out of habit for Caspain's wife when Thirteen started to giggle, "This bath is for us, not the master..." Seven stopped suddenly at what she was doing, "Oh no!! Do... do you think he would be upset?" Thirteen looked back at the closed door then back at the jar of flower petals, "I don't think so since there's still a lot left..." Seven nodded and put the lid back on the jar as they helped each other undress and step into the tub. Thirteen leaned back and started to relax, "Ahhh.... when was the last time you had a bath Seven?" Seven lifted up her head trying to think, "I... I don't remember... a few months at least..." Thirteen nodded, remembering, "If you can really count that..." she started to grin playfully as she lifted her hands and splashed Seven. The two could be heard giggling through the door without the need for the stone in Trace's ear.
Trace was starting to take off the light armor that he had underneath his heavy armor when he got the double dose of giggles. At this point he should have taken the stone out but left it in to see if there was any reason why Oloft would want Seven in the first place. Trace now wearing just a pair of pants and a torn up shirt, paused to think. At this point he knew Seven didn't even do anything, making Oloft someone not to trust in, but he was still wondering why he was assigned this job. Trace shrugged at the thought.
After twenty minutes or so of Seven and Thirteen giggling and getting a little wrinkled, they drain the water and start to get out, "Uh-oh..." Thirteen turned and stated to Seven, "There's only one towel..." Seven started to look around. Thirteen held out the towel after she had dried herself off, "Here," She smiled as she handed Seven the towel and putting her old clothes back on, having left the new clothes out on the bed. Seven wrapped the towel around herself and after finding her old clothes, they were soaked. "Oh no..." Seven looked up at Thirteen, "We must have splashed the water out of the tub...." Seven and Thirteen's ears both fell. Thirteen cracked the door to the bedroom, trying to see what Trace was doing, "Maybe I can grab your new clothes really quick?" She whispered to Seven, hoping Trace wouldn't hear, neither of them wanting to get in trouble.