Hearing what was going on thanks to the blue stone, "Oh good, your done." Trace pulled out the strapless bra, "Tell Seven once she was dose I'll teach her how to put it on." he said to the neko. Trace then looked back at the bra and opened it up, "Yep just like my Teacher's." he thought.
Thirteen jumped back a little, "Oh... Ummm... Master?" Thirteen's voice was a little nervous as she still hid behind the door, "Seven's clothes got wet..." She noticed the bra in his hand and then to him, noticing he had taken off his armor, he looked much less intimidating than before, almost as though it was a different person sitting there. She waved for Seven to come to the door and take a look. She peered through the crack as best she could with her golden eye, he really was like a different person, her ears perked up and her tail flickered.
Trace held up the bra, "Come on Seven, you can come out, it's not like I haven't seen a naked girl before, just make sure you keep the towel on and I'll be able to control myself." he said kindly as he waited for Seven. Once Seven came out she would be able how big Trace really was. She could see he was lean but fit and tone, she could see every muscle on his upper body since he still had pants on, as well he had a six pointed start shape birth mark on the back of his right hand.
Seven nodded, though he still towered over her, Seven didn't seem as scared of Trace as she was before. She made her next to him before hesitating to take a seat next to him on the bed. Thirteen followed, and knelt down on the floor next to Seven, looking up at the two of them, blushing. Being in a towel didn't seem to bother Seven at all, Thirteen on the other hand wasn't sure what to really do, so she just sat there, waiting for Trace to show Seven as she blushed.
Trace looked at her and was stunned for a moment. How the wet hair draped over her should was intoxicating, and the way the wet towel hug her body left little to imagination.
Trace walked next to her and kneeled on the bed. Getting a look better look on how close he was to her made his heart beat faster, "Umm... ok..now raise your arms over your head." he said and moved behind her on the bed.
Now that her arms were over her head, he took the bra and slid it down her arms, as well got a real good view down her front. Trace blushed slightly and tried not to stare.
Once Trace had the bra down to the right level he arraigned it on their breast and gently manipulate her breast into the bra to make sure they were kept down but comfortable for Seven. "See? Isn't that better? Now, lets get ready for bed." She said sweetly.