**WE ARE LIVE RIGHT NOW! twitch.tv/achievementhunter ***

Aloha folks,

As you know, The Drunk Tanks have been kicking ass on SWTOR since launch. Tonight, we're trying something new: We'll be kicking ass LIVE!

That's right, we'll be running our 16 Man Operation tonight on our fancy Twitch.TV channel. You can find it at http://twitch.tv/achievementhunter

This will be a test to see how well our stream holds up with a lot of people watching, so please, TUNE IN from 8PM CST (-6 GMT) until around Midnightish and watch us as we plow our way through 16 man Nightmare Mode Operations. You'll be watching from Adam's perspective (as a healer) and hearing us in our Mumble channel. It should be fun. If you guys like it, let me know in the comments.

See you tonight.