Dear Reader,

Just wanted to let you know that Marshal Rimmer (Angry Birds, Siri, also has a beard) and I will be in Melbourne, (April 13th-15th) and Gold Coast (April 20th-22nd) Australia for...


For this occasion we were asked to write up some bio's (150ish words?) So I wrote this for myself:

"Joel Heyman started his 'legitimate' acting career on the NBC soap opera 'Passions' where Joel was forced to sport a highly unfashionable orange neckerchief that consequently spelt Joel's undoing. In an attempt to escape this highly stressful period, Joel endeavored to hide his shame on the television productions 'Angel' (WB), 'Criminal Minds' (CBS), and 'The Inside' (FOX). Acknowledging that this move wouldn't help Joel live down, what was ultimately dubbed the 'neckerchief incident', Joel had to move behind the camera to direct over 70 national commercials featuring video games from the Call of Duty, Halo, and Madden NFL franchises. This was not enough. Joel, in 2003, was forced to play the part of 'Caboose' on an obscure web series 'Red vs Blue,' a sci-fi comedy based around various types of neck-wear found throughout the galaxy."

Since Marshall was out of town at the time I went to the trouble of writing his for him, it goes a little something like this:


Let me know if you think I need any changes to these.