300,000 Gamerscore!

3 years ago

I did it! smiley0.gif

300,000 Gamerscore!

Hey Geoff can I have a job now? smiley12.gif

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  • caveman1509

    caveman1509 PA Guardian

    2 years ago

    Well, apparently this worked. A year later and I still am laughing at how you said this and immediately got hired. Well played, sir.

  • kaylacka1230


    3 years ago

    I'm still shooting for 10k...aww. Congrats though!

  • NomadMan1996


    3 years ago

    now Ray on secret service there is an achievement to empty a whole clip without hitting anyone. that was the hardest achievement i ever got

  • Electropolis


    3 years ago

    Wow how do you have so much time and motivation to do that?

  • ccttssgdl


    3 years ago

    I wonder what the total possible Gamerscore is...



    3 years ago

    "Not to recent players, fuck them"

    Love you too. <3

  • AkouryoX


    3 years ago

    Really overshadows me getting 30,000 achievement points last night smiley4.gif

    Congratulations man, you did good!

  • Spartan275


    3 years ago

    If you have more gamerscore than Geoff, you should get a job at RoosterTeeth.

  • DarkTyler359


    3 years ago

    Ah fuck, after 5 and a half months I just got to 10,000 gamerscore. Now I'm depressed.

  • Sean


    3 years ago

    By rule of the internet, anyone that has a higher gamerscore than me has no life, and everyone that has a lower gamerscore than me is a noob.

    WOW, MAN. NO LIFE. smiley8.gif