Trace shook his head at Seven, "I am glad you were able to be honest with me to tell me, and since you couldn't cry for yourself I'll cry for you." he said kindly. How the hell did Trace miss those scars? Sure it was a bit dark but then again, the candle hid their back, you could see them well.... how..could...why..
Trace had passed out while holding onto Seven.

Cry? But I have nothing to cry over? Seven thought long and hard what he meant. She couldn't understand it. She looked up at Thirteen and wondered how she had adjusted so quickly. Given Thirteen was younger and hardly received any lashings, Seven assumed it wasn't a big adjustment for her. After several minutes of Trace holding her, Seven finally drifted off to sleep.
The South Sun started to rise, giving the sky an orange glow, the starry night giving way to the morning sun.
Trace's eyes opened as soon as the sun light hit them. He then made an soft yawn and stretch. Seeing that Seven and Thirteen were still asleep he managed to wiggled out of bed without waking them. Trace then went to the bathroom, emptied his bladder, took the blue stone out of his ear, took a quick shower dried off quickly with a wind spell and put his pants on. Trace then washed the towel and strained it. He then walked over to the girls; they were a mess, "Boy I had fun with these two last night." he thought "Ok you two, time to get up, but don't get dress just yet." he ask as he looked at the bed, "I should just do the Inn keeper a favor and burn the whole bed."
Seven and Thirteen both started to stir, sitting up in the bed, "Huh?" Seven rubbed her eyes sleepily. When she realized it was daylight out her ears and tail perked up, Oh no!! "I'm sorry Master!! Did you want breakfast?! I can make something if you wish!!" Thirteen's eyes widened, Are we in trouble?!
Trace chuckled, "Calm down you two we can get breakfast a on our way out, but first I want you both to stand up and face your backs to me." he said kindly. Once they did Trace was able to get a real good look at all the scars on their backs. New over old over old scars, Seven being the worse as some were even on her ass. Thirteen was not as bad but over all, wasn't good. "First of all, last night was wonderful thank you I just hope you two had a good time too." he said as he was tracing over some of the older scars that didn't look like it would hurt if he touched them with his finger.
Trace smiled as he thought of something as he mumbled to himself then spoke up, "Oh and I just thought of one rule for you both to fallow, you're not allowed to have sex with anyone other than me, ok?" he ask as he kept on examining their scars.

Seven and Thirteen both stood as still as they could. Thirteen only had a handful of scars, most small and spread out across her back, hardly any of them were new, they all seemed rather old and healed. Thirteen let out a shutter and giggled, Trace's light touch tickled her more than anything else. Seven's scared varied, from years old to a few days fresh and nearly covered her back. The oldest and largest dragged itself from her left shoulder blade to the mid part of her right cheek. Seven cringed slightly as Trace ran his finger along her back. With her back to him, he couldn't see her face, but could easily see her muscles tense up.
Seven and Thirteen looked at each other and nodded, "Yes Master." They said almost in unison.
" And if anyone tries to force themselves on you, you are to kick, bite and scream and run to me." he said kindly, "Alright, you two go get washed up and dressed, and use your new cloths." he said kindly as he stood up. Before they went, Trace was able to kiss Thirteen on the cheek then Trace bent down and did the same to Seven and then notice the odd expression on her face, "Are you alright Seven?" he ask. Kind of a dumb question to ask a brained washed kitsune.
Thirteen nodded and jumped to her feet, searching the small room for her new clothes. Seven looked up at Trace and force a smile as she nodded, "I'm well Master, why? Is something wrong?" Seven was use to being the favored slave, it was something she accepted to keep Caspain from going after the other slave girls like Thirteen, it was her way of protecting her best friend. But now that Trace has taken the interest that he has with her, Seven accepted the fact that Thirteen was no longer in need of protecting, at least not in the way Seven was use to doing so. The only thing Seven could do to make sure Thirteen was never punished for it, was for Seven to teach Thirteen everything she had learned over the past five -nearly six- years, pleasing Caspain and what few men he loaned her out to.
Trace shook his head, "No nothing's wrong, just making sure you're alright." he said kindly and helped Seven off the floor. Trace then walked over to a bag on the floor and pick up Seven's new cloths out of it. He then walked back to Seven helping her get dressed as he place the strapless bra on her, Trace then helped Seven put on the new maids outfit that covered her up more. Helping her getting it on her as he placed it over her head and slide her arms through the sleeves. Trace when as far as buttoning up her back and tying the apron as well. Trace then walked in front of her and even place the little frilly head dress on Seven's head and tied it. Trace stepped back and looked at her, "Well your pretty as a painting." he said sweetly.
Trace then walked over to his torn up shirt that was on the floor and out it on. He then walked over to his light and heavy armor that was lumped together in the corner of the room and started placing it on him starting with the light armor then the heavy armor.