Thirteen was already dressed and sitting on the bed, watching and giggling to herself as Trace dressed Seven. Seven blushed slightly a little lost as Trace helped her dress, "Th-thanks you Master?" She watched as he put on his old tattered shirt, "Master? I... I can fix this for you if you like?" trying to think of someway to be useful to her new master. Thirteen leaned back slightly as her legs dangled over the edge of the bed, not even able to touch the floor, "Master? You said we're leaving today? How long is it to where we're heading?"
Trace smiled as he place this finishing placing the light armor on, making sure it was on good then turned to look at Seven, "Thank you very much, I'll let you do that when we get to the next town, let me know if you need anything to help you with that." he said with a smile, it would be nice to get his shirt fixed; it had sentimental value to him. Trace then bent over and pick up the armored leggings and tied them down and looked at Thirteen ,"Well let's see, first we'll get a quick bite on the way out and eat it on my horse, then had to the next town, it's about two days ride but Port Valley is five days away from here." he said as he finished putting on his heavy chest armor then went to work putting on his gauntlets, but was having a little trouble getting the right one on.
Seven and Thirteen both moved next to Trace and each held the gauntlet to help Trace put it on. Thirteen again staring at Trace with goggly eyes as she sighed. Seven nudged Thirteen slightly, trying to get Thirteen to realize that it was inappropriate to behave in such a way. Thirteen pouted to herself, realizing that Seven was right but didn't like that she was being restricted. Seven rolled her eyes at Thirteen and looked back at Trace, "All I would require Master is a needle and thread."
Trace smiled as the girls helped and was able to get in it in no time, "Thanks you two." he said patted both of their heads, "Ok we'll get some in the next town." he said kindly. Trace waited for them to grab there things then head out. Once they were down stars they went to the little bar that was in the Inn. He went to the bar keep, "Six roast beef sandwiches and three flasks of water." said Trace. "Ten Sil." the keeper replied. Trace paid the keeper and the keeper took the coin and looked at Trace, "They'll be ready in five minutes." he said and walked into the kitchen. Trace could see that everyone in the bar was looking at the three of them. Trace turn to look at Seven and Thirteen, "Stay calm you two." he said softly.
Seven and Thirteen looked at each other slightly confused, why would they need to be told to stay calm? They were both blissfully unaware of the eyes that were staring at them. Each holding their small bag of personal belonging, which only accounted for their maids outfit they wore at Caspains estate and their rags that they would wear while they did their chores. Both girls kept their focus on Trace, Thirteen cared about nothing other than Trace's attention, and Seven only paid attention to Trace, in wait for an order to be given.
Once the keeper came out of the kitchen, he handed a large midsized bag that held the sandwiches and the three flasks fill with water and had tie straps on them so they could be worn. Trace handed a flask to Seven and Thirteen, "This is water, drink it wisely, we will be traveling in the heat." Trace then looked at Seven, "Keep a eye on her water during the trip, make sure she doesn't drink too much at any given time." he said kindly. Once that was settled, the three of them left the Inn and stop at Trace's horse. It was huge. The horse was clearly not of this country as all the other horse stagger in comparison, yet something about it was unnatural as its didn't seem to eat or drink, nor did it look to be breathing. Trace helped Thirteen up first. Then Trace hoped on and pulled Seven up on the horse behind him while Thirteen was in front of him. Trace then handed the girls their sandwiches, reached over Thirteen leaning on her a little to grab the reigns and gave it a flick. The horse suddenly started walking at a fast pace, "Ok you two once were out of the town were going to be making a dash for it." He said then looked at Seven behind him, "Make sure you keep one arm around my waist at all times, I don't want you to fall off, ok?" he stated kindly.
Seven and Thirteen nodded, this was so unusual for them having never actually ridden a horse before, if that's what this could be called. Thirteen started munching on her sandwich as they walked to the edge of town, Seven didn't touch hers, she'd rather wait till later to eat and placed it back in the bag. The West Sun started to rise as they reached the edge of town, Thirteen put her hands in front of her, holding on to the saddle, ready for Trace to click the reigns again. Seven took one last look as they reached the edge of town and sighed before gently wrapping her arms around Traces waist underneath his armor and laid her head down on his back, bracing herself. Her tail flickered for a moment before it lowered, slightly scared at how fast was really fast.