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Trace woke up to see Thirteen sleeping and then that it was morning, "Shit!" he said. Suddenly standing up only to fall back down. He looked like shit, saying up all didn't helped him, but he could not fall asleep worrying about Seven too much. A healer came in to see what all the fuss was about only to see Trace putting his light armor back on, "Sir, stop, you gave over two quarts of blood last night, you need to rest." Trace pushed her aside, "I can rest when I am sleeping." By then Thirteen had reawaken. Trace turned to look at her, "Thirteen, you are to stay there and heal till I get back." he ordered then left the room.
Trace then walked out of the building, not bothering to put on his heavy armor. Trace suddenly stumbled and kneeled. Trace reached into a pocket and pulled out a pill, then with his other hand pulled a potion from his cloak, "Man I know I shouldn't mix a blood pill and a hyper potion." he said. Trace the popped the pill bit on it and downed the potion. With moments his color returned to normal. Trace then placed the blue gem stone in his ear, but heard nothing, "Ok she is over a mile away." he said.
While Trace stayed kneeling he place his hands together like he was praying. "I am heeding the call, I am heeding the call......" he started chanting. If Seven remembered the chant that Trace told her, and started chanting it, he would know where she would be in seconds.

Thirteen could tell something was wrong, but not remembering the day before, she couldn't tell what. She looked at Trace as he walked out the door then to the healer, her ears lowered, saddened that she didn't get the chance to talk with Trace before he left.
Seven had been thrown back over the horse, as the men put out the camp fire and took down the tent. One of the men was strapping a few things to the horses while the others gathered their things. Looking at Seven's bottom half at level with his eyes, the man grinned, peering around the horse to see that the other three men weren't paying attention. The way they were positioned, the other horses blocked the men's view from the man standing next to Seven, though they could still see Seven tied up and gagged over the horse. The man lifted up the bottom half of Seven's outfit to see that although Thirteen helped Seven to pick out a bra, neither one of them knew what panties were. The man grinned even wider as tears fell from Seven's cheeks onto the sand below, knowing the feeling of what was to come next. Master.... Her thoughts would help her keep sane, she hoped anyway. She tried to remember the chant, in hopes that she would get lucky and someone would take her gag out. God in Heaven, I call thy Templar, Trace... Trace... Oh no.... what was the last part?!

".....I am heeding the call. I am heeding the call" Trace continued to chant, and never wavered his faith. As he chanted he could faintly feel Seven. She may have not been able to say the chant, but thinking it could reach to him, but she did have to complete the chant and most of all, the whole chant. "......I am heeding the call. I am heeding the call." he continued.

The man eagerly grabbed at Seven, his lust overpowered his reason, if Seven could have let out a scream, she would have. Rochon... Seeing Seven start to tremble only gave the man more reason to grin. Trace started to hear flickering in his ear, the voices cutting in and out, "Oh --ah, -ou-- - -irty -irl." Seven's tears, though faint could also be heard. Archien... The man had no shame and no reason to fully hold himself back as he grabbed Seven painfully hard. She tried to scream but through the gag, it was hardly noticeable. "Wha- -re you doi--?!" another voice ringing out could heard. Orchon... "Wha-? --s not li-e -----" The man that seemed to be the ring leader didn't care for the fact of what one of his men was attempting to do to their bounty, "Lea-e -er, af-er Olof- gi-es us our -oney, you -an have all the -omen you want." in truth the man didn't care what was happening to Seven, he just didn't want to be slowed down. Seven tears were falling from her face, as she cried in quiet, leaving a thin wet trail along her cheeks as she let out a whimper. Trace could hear a loud SMACK in his ear as the man took his hand across Seven's face, "Shut up! You whiney little bitch!" Archon!! God in Heaven, Thy call forth your Templar, Trace Archon!!

Trace opened his eyes as they glowed brightly, "I heed the call." Trace then slammed his fists to the ground and raised his head, "A heart of gold pumps with my metal skin..." The air seemed to thicken around Trace as the ground started to shake, "A noble line I carry on my ACCOLADES!!!" A shock wave shouted out from Trace as golden light glowed around him. Trace then dash forward leaving a sonic boom behind him as he broke the sound barrier.
One of the bounty hunters was looking off into the background and notice a glowing light in the distances, "What the..." Trace suddenly zoomed in grabbing the man by his face and slamming his head into the ground full force making a loud THUD and an explosion of dust that the whole encampment heard. Once the sand settled Trace could be seen.