Seven had finally calmed down, she had stopped crying and had finally caught her breath. She noticed Trace looking around and looked around as well, wondering what it was that he was looking for, "Master?" unable to sense whatever it was that Trace was sensing, "Is something the matter Master?"

Trace looked again and smiled, "Nope found it." Trace then kindly took Seven's hand and kept her behind him as they walked behind a tent. Once there they found the fifth guy had been hiding. Trace kicked him over to face him, "AHH! Please don't kill me!" he begged. Trace pointed his index finger and the tip just started to glow blue, "I won't if you just answer a few questions. The reason you kidnapped this girl, tell me everything thing you know, NOW!" He barked.

The man was shaking, obviously the rookie of the group. "C-Count Oloft... I-in Verboten... he's got a warrant for her... he-he's offering 100,000 Gil to anyone who can bring her back to him... he... he said the Templar and the Monks were taking too long finding her... it's been over a year and he's tired of waiting..."

This was nothing he didn't already know but he never said anything about paying for her. Trace placed his foot on the man's left arm, "Why does he want her, and what plans does he have for her? Tell me, or you're going to have to live with one arm!" he barked as he started to put weight on the man's arm.

The man started trying to free his arm, knowing he would fail to do so, "I... I don't know... he... he just put the word out for all the bounty hunters and anyone that he wants her... said... said she stole something from him of value..."

Hearing that reason again; it annoyed him. Trace started to put more weight on his arm and one of his bone made a pop sound as it was starting to crack, "This girl hasn't stolen a thing from Oloft so that's bullshit. As a knight of the Templar I demand you tell me what was the item of question!" he ordered. The man knew what the Templar was, thought Trace wasn't in the right armor, the man knew he could be on how the way he fought.

The man let out a scream in pain, "He... he didn't say... just that she has something of great value to him..." Seven held onto Trace's arm, hiding behind him, "Master..." she whispered to herself, her concern growing out of Trace's rage. Seven had seen anger before, but not like this, mainly since it was not directed towards her. She never realized how scary rage really was, it seemed worse when happening to someone else. Seven had great empathy for the man, even if he was one of the men who took her.

Trace heard Seven's tone and knew why she was scared. Trace let off the man's arm, "Be grateful, this girl just saved your life, thank her then get out of my sight and pray to God we never meet again." he said. After that Trace lead Seven to a horse and helped her up. It was then he noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. He sighed, "That's the first thing we do after we get Thirteen." Trace then hopped on the horse with Seven in front of him. Trace gave a snap to the reigns and they were off to the town. Trace rest his chin on Seven's shoulder, "Seven I am sorry if I scared you back there." he said softly.

The man was shaken up and quickly nodded to Seven, "Thank you!! Thank you!!" before scrambling to his feet and running off into the distance, tripping once or twice and looking back to see if Trace was following.
Seven smiled softly and looked at Trace over her shoulder, she shook her head, "I... wasn't scared for myself Master..." her voice was much more upbeat than it was before. Trace even detected a hint of happiness in it, something up until now, he had yet to hear from her.

Trace looked at Seven with a little disbelief. Hearing her say something even with just a little happiness was like music to his ears, "I see." He looked forward but kept his chin on Seven's shoulder. Trace was enjoying the moment, and he then kissed her cheek, "I am happy you remembered the chant." he said then a grin appeared on his face, "Did you know my full name is Trace Archon?" he said sweetly.