Seven paused for a moment as he kissed her cheek, What was that for? She blushed slightly, hardly noticeable with Trace only looking at her from the side. Her ears perked up and twitched slightly, "O-oh... no Master... I didn't know that..." It should have made sense, why didn't she realize it before? Then Seven's ears lowered slightly, "I... I'm sorry Master... I couldn't say it when you told me to..."

Trace chuckled slightly, "No don't worry about it, you're ok now. " he said kindly. Trace then nuzzled her neck for a moment, for what reason not even he knew why other then it just felt right to do so. Trace smiled, "You know if you like, you can call me Trace, but if you can't bring yourself to do so, you can call me Master Trace." he said. Being called master may be fine but once he got to his home country to where to own a slave is against the law... If she start calling him Trace it would be great, but being call Master Trace at his home would be addressing respectfully as a Templar. Ether one would be fine.

Seven blushed a little brighter, her hair lightly swayed as they rode the horse. Her fluffy tail had made its way to the side of them, airing out since it was getting a little hot sitting between them. Seven closed her eyes and lifted her chin slightly as a cool breeze blew over them, the draft feeling nice. The bell on her collar tinged as they continued to stride along. "Oh..." she opened her eyes and her ears lowered, "I... umm..."

Trace chuckled slightly, "It's ok, you don't have to do it now, so you can take your time with it." he said sweetly and kissed her neck lovingly. He was liking how she was blushing around him, it was a side of Seven he hadn't seen before and it made him happy. Trace snapped at the horse and it weaned and quicken in pace, "Let go see Thirteen." he said with a smiled looking at her.

Seven's cheeks brightened up slightly as he kissed her neck. Do all kisses mean the same thing? Unsure at why he continued to do so with her. A smile came across her face as he spoke of Thirteen, eager to see how she was doing, and if there was anything she could do make it up to her, still feeling as though she was to blame for her near death.

After a while Trace and Seven made it back to the town and stopped at the healers shop. Trace got off first and helped Seven down. Again he got another good view and shook his head, "Girl I need to get you some panties." he stated then led her into the shop. Once there Trace saw that his heavy armor had been moved to the other side of the room and cleaned. He raised a brow and thought nothing of it. Trace then went to the room where Thirteen was resting in. Trace opened the door to find Thirteen sitting up, "Thirteen! why are.....?" he tiled his head. Why didn't she have bandages on, and where was the healing wound? Trace went over and ran his hand along her chest below her right breast where the arrow had been, "There's no scar." he said then looked at Thirteen's back. Trace's eyes widen, "Oh my God, Seven look at this, almost all of her scars our gone." he stated. Once Seven went over she would see three random scars remain but something new appeared, a little circle mark just above Thirteen's tail.