The last page of Chapter Two

Seven and Thirteen looked at the panties and holding them every way but the right way and looked at each other confused. Thirteen leaned over to Seven and whispered, "Do you know how to put these on?" Seven shook her head and whispered back, "Master said they covered up our parts... but I'm not sure how..." Both of the girls too embarrassed to ask Trace how to wear them.

Trace looked at Seven and Thirteen, Are you kidding? Oh I am so killing Caspain the next time I see him. He thought. Trace held up his index finger for a moment then walked over to the shop keeper. After paying for the panties he returned to Seven and Thirteen, "OK the smaller part goes in font as the wider end goes on the back." he stated. Trace the bent down by Seven and lifting one of her legs, placing her foot through and then the next foot then pulled them up to where they should be. Trace then did the same to Thirteen and got them on but not after accidentally bumping a certain area. Trace then stood up, "OK how do they feel?" he asked.

Both girls continued to squirm around, not yet use to being so confined. They each looked up at Trace with an uncomfortable expression on their face, "Are you sure these are necessary Master?" Thirteen continued to try to adjust herself.

Trace nodded to them "Yes, in my country you have to wear them at all time when you're outside." he said kindly. Trace then looked at Seven and Thirteen, "Ok so who is hungry?" he ask as he took their hands and made their way out of the clothing shop. As they walked it was starting to get dark as the sky was like the color of Trace's eyes. As they walked by Trace saw some poor bunny girl that had to be younger than Thirteen in a very compromising positions with two men. Trace quicken the pace in hopes that Seven and Thirteen wouldn't see them but mostly to snuff the rage of wanting to kill the two men.

Seven actually assumed the image to be somewhat normal and didn't even give then a second glance; while Thirteen on the other hand was intrigued and actually had stopped to take a look before Trace had walked too far ahead and continued walking, looking back till they were out of sight. She looked back at Seven, I wonder if that's what she told me about....