A Summer of Musiter!

I've said many times that OboeCrazy (Lauren) is the not-so-secret weapon of Late Nite JengaJam. She always thinks of something awesome to ask that I haven't even considered. We've worked together on one of the defining projects of my life for the past five years.

And now, she could use our help.

Check out the links, check out the videos. If it strikes your interest, go ahead and donate. If you don't have funds at the moment, word of mouth is just as good (sometimes better!)

She's getting close, but I've decided to up the ante.

Starting tonight on Late Nite JengaJam, anyone who donates $10 or more to Oboe's kickstarter can message me a passage of text (max 100 words), and I will record it for you. Anyone who puts in $25 or more will get a video of me reading the text.

And, to really up the ante, to the individual that gets Lauren over the top? I'll cover your ticket to RT Philly and up to $100 of your travel costs.

I have this distressing habit of doing things I'll regret for money. Like David Cross and all those Alvin and the Chipmunk films (increasingly poor decisions, imo).

This isn't limited to tonight's show, btw, the offer is good until the kickstarter ends.

But, if Oboe doesn't make it, none of you get anything.

So let's make sure she gets there!

Thanks for reading,