Chapter Three

Trace and his girls finally got to a restaurant that looked nice and entered it. It was nice to walk somewhere and not have the whole town staring at him as the people here seemed to not care. A bunny girl about Seven's age dressed in modest dress that covered her up walked over and smiled., "Just the three of you?" she asked. Trace nodded, "Yes." he said kindly. The bunny-girl lead them to a table and sat them down, "Have you ever been here before?" Trace shook his head, "OK then I'll let you look over your menu." The bunny-girl looked at Seven and Thirteen then back to Trace, "Do they know how to read?" she ask him. Trace looked at this girls, for a slave she acted more like a normal human, "No not yet." he stated. The girl nodded, "I understand, I was like that once, I'll come back when you're ready." she said after handing him a menu then walked away.

The girls watched as the bunny walked away before turning their attention back to Trace, each girl wondering the same thing. Why would they need to know how to read? Neither one ever having a need to know how before, and didn't understand why they ever would. Thirteen soon ignored the thought and squirmed a little in her seat, the panties more constricting than she was use to. Seven was just as uncomfortable as Thirteen was if not more so, though she hid it well. The years of doing odd things in the Caspain estate had taught her to adapt to just about anything without complaint. Seven nudged Thirteen slightly and shook her head in an attempt to get her to stop. Thirteen just pouted like a child not getting their way. She didn't see what the big deal was if she was just trying to get more comfortable. Seven sighed and grabbed Thirteen's hand lovingly and squeezing it slightly.

Trace looked at Seven and Thirteen and grinned upon seeing them to be having a nonverbal dispute. Trace flipped through menu and look at Seven and Thirteen, What would they like? Looking back at the menu and saw that they have red sea bass, Thirteen might like that. Trace flipped another page saw a meal that had chicken stuffed with goat cheese. Trace then looked for their waitress and waved her back over. Trace then pointed at the menu, "The Kitsune and I well have the chicken stuff with goat cheese with a side of green beans, and the give then Neko the red sea bass with a side of mashed potatoes." Trace then looked at the bunny-girl, "Oh and we'll like to have two glasses of water and a glass of milk." He said kindly. The bunny-girl nodded, "The milk is goats milk is the ok with you?" she ask. Trace nodded, "Ok I'll go place the order." she said a walked off. Trace looked at Seven and Thirteen then rest his chin on the back of his hands.

The girls both watched back and forth between the bunny and Trace, as the waitress walked away, Thirteen went back to staring dreamily at Trace. Seven sighed and gave up, it was no use trying to talk sense into the girl. The bunny quickly came back with the drinks of which Seven finished off her entire glass in one gulp, the water trailing off the corners of her mouth and down her neck. She hadn't had anything to drink since the last time they had made camp before the bounty hunters took her.

The bunny-girl looked at Seven with widen eyes, "Oh my, I'll get you another." She said taking her glass back, giving Seven Trace's glass of water then placing the glass of milk in front of Thirteen. The bunny girl then walked off. Trace smiled at Seven, "Yeah, it is a little hot in here." He said then playfully poked Thirteen on the nose then leaned back to stretch, well as far as he could with armor on. Trace then looking back at Seven, "Those men didn't do anything to you did they?" he ask with a hint of worry in this voice.