Seven looked up at the bunny-girl, "Could... could I have some more water? I haven't had anything to drink since yesterday..." the waits smiled and nodded, bringing back four large glasses of water, "I'll check back and bring some more for you in a few." Seven's eyes widened slightly as she drank another full glass and half of another, drinking it faster than she could as water trailed from the corner of her mouth and drenching the top of her dress. She sat there trying to catch her breath.

Trace chuckled, "I guess they didn't give you much water then." he stated then took the napkin and dabbed it down on the top part of her dress; trying to dry it some. Trace then placed the napkin down, "Please try to drink it slowly, you need to let your body adjust, taking in too much water could make you sick." he stated kindly as half of his meal was already gone.

Seven had started eating her food, not even slowing to chew it. About halfway through she set down her fork and pushed the plate away slightly. Thirteen had already finished off her plate and was leaning back in her chair. Seven looked up at Trace, "I'm sorry Master... I... haven't eaten anything... they never untied me Master.."

Trace had too, finished his plate and glass of water. He then looked up at Seven, "So you should finish your food, but if your full it can't be helped, but could you please eat a few more bites for me." he asked kindly. Trace didn't like food to be wasted, he had seen his far share of starving people. Trace looked back at Seven, "If you can't finish it see if Thirteen has a little more room, she is still growing." he said as he looked at Thirteen's chest.

Seven was still hungry, but she had trained herself to not eat as much since she always had to share the food with two or three dozen other slaves. She didn't want to eat more but ate a few more bites before offering her plate to Thirteen. Her eyes widened and she quickly ate half of what was left, I don't think I could eat another bite... she put her hand over her stomach and started to slide down in her chair, "Aahhh..."

Trace smiled, "Well looks like someone is full." he said with a smile. Trace then waved his hand at the bunny-girl. She saw him and nodded, "Just a sec." she said. Trace looked at Seven and smiled at her, "Thank you Seven." After a few moments Trace started to sweat and his face was a little flushed, Damn it, it started. The bunny-girl finally came over, "Would you like dessert?" She ask and Trace nodded, "No thank you, How much was the meal?." He asked. She smiled, "12 Sil please." Trace reached into his cloak and pulled out three small bag filled with Silver coins and handed it to the bunny-girl, "Her you go, and keep the change as the tip." the bunny-girl looked in awe, "T-Thank you." She said and walked away. Trace then stood up and staggered slightly but then caught himself. He then looked at Seven and Thirteen and took their hands.
Once they were outside they headed for a Inn. As Trace walked he was holding both Seven and Thirteen's hands. Trace suddenly placed his arm around Seven's shoulders and started to lean on her. When Seven looked up at him she could see that his face was even more flushed and sweating a lot. The expression on his face appeared to be holding back pain as of not to scare Thirteen.