Seven's ears twitched, "Master?" She set the needle and shirt down and stood up. She glanced over at Thirteen to see she was still sleeping, "Should I wake Thirteen Master?" she asked.

Trace paused in the middle of the bathroom door way, "You may." he said softly. After a few moments Seven could hear the shower turn on as he stepped in, "OH ohohoho that's cold that's cold!" Trace just stood there in the shower as he tried to recall the night, it was like he had a hangover but without the fun of getting drunk. As Trace squirted some of the shampoo in his smoky hair the night before slowly came back to him.

Seven stood there a little confused, thinking she was suppose to take care of him before he went to take a shower. She walked over to Thirteen and shook her slightly. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, yawning. After a moment she opened her eyes widely, "Master!! Is... Is he alright?!" Seven nodded and smiled, "Master seems to be doing much better."

Trace finished washing his hair and the rest of his body. Trace smiled as he remembered the night and how Seven took care of him. Trace opened the shower curtain and called out to Seven, "Seven, in one of my bags there's a left over sandwich, give it to Thirteen then come into the bathroom and close the door." Trace was thinking about how to thank her, but his head wouldn't stop pounding.

"Yes Master." Seven called out, looking through one of the bags. She found it and handed it to Thirteen who immediately started nibbling on the sandwich. Seven smiled and walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind her, "Yes Master?"

Trace stuck his head out of the shower, "I want to thank you for taking care of me last night, so strip down, I want to wash you." he said kindly. In all honesty if it wasn't for his pounding head he would be thanking her another way, but as it was he couldn't get into the mood.

Seven blushed slightly, "B-but Master..." her tongue got twisted, it was her duty to care for Trace, there was no need for him to thank her to a need to wash her. She had already had a bath a few nights ago, she wasn't use to have more than one in a month.

Trace poked out his head out of the shower to look at her again, "No buts about it, you need to clean your body every day, now please get in here, or do I have to strip you myself and pull you in here?" he said playfully with a smile.