Thirteen jumped up eagerly, the sandwich being hardly enough to curb her appetite this morning. Seven took Traces hand to stand to her feet, her ears lowered slightly at the food, she was more than capable of making breakfast, and found it slightly heartbreaking to have Trace order the food. Maybe it's because Master has never had my food... and doesn't trust that he'll like it...

Trace looked at Thirteen , "Eat as much as you like, after this we'll be heading out." He stated as he reached for a plate for himself. Trace then looked at Seven at taking noticed that her ears were lowered. Trace then sat down the empty plate, "Is there something wrong Seven?" He asked her kindly.

Thirteen quickly started digging in, hardly taking breaths between bites. Seven sat in the seat and picked up a plate before looking up at Trace and forced a smile, "Nothing's wrong Master. I just.. I just feel as though I'm not doing enough for you Master..." Her voice trailed off as she took a bite. Thirteen looked over and with a full mouth started to say something, but was hardly understandable through the muffled food in her mouth.

Trace gave a soft smile at Seven, "Well your fixing my shirt, and I am happy you are doing that, but keep in mind that were on the move a lot, and you don't know much about the outdoors, and that's not your fault, so there's, so don't worry about it." He said kindly to her and started to fill his plate. Trace then looked at Thirteen as she was saying something, "Now Thirteen, its impolite to speak when your mouth is full." he stated kindly while looking at her.

Seven looked up and forced a smile, and began to eat, once again, eating only half of what was on her plate. Maybe Thirteen was right, maybe when we get to the master's estate, I can be of more use... It gave Seven a sense of comfort and seemed to relax a bit more, enough to the point where the smile on her face wasn't forced at all.

Trace saw Seven's smiled. It made him happy to see it on her. Trace leaned over to Seven, "But I know a few things that you can do for me to keep you busy if you like." He said kindly as he took a bite out if an egg then wiping up the yoke with a slice of bread.

Seven's face lit up, unlike anything Trace had seen from Seven over the past few days. "Anything Master!!" Her enthusiasm was unmatched by anything he had ever seen in his journey. It was an entirely different side of Seven completely. Thirteen had swallowed her food and giggled slightly to herself, this was the Seven she had known, ready and eager to be useful.

Trace smiled while he looked at Seven. He was slightly stunned by the light that came off her. Trace placed his plate down and cleared his throat, "Well once we get you the sewing kit, you can maintain everyone's cloths, two-while were going from town to town you can keep eye on everyone's flasks of water and fill then when needed. Three-you need to keep an eye on Thirteen, when she is about to go into heat, when she is in heat she can attract unwanted things it will be your job to make sure nothing mates with her, besides me that is." Trace looked at Thirteen and playfully poked her cheek, "And I expect you to do the same when Seven goes into heat." he stated.