Seven made a mental note of each task Trace was giving her, making sure she would do everything he was asking of her. She looked over at Thirteen and started running through the ideas for when she went into heat. I could always do what I had to do back at the estate I suppose. Short of tying her on a leash, that may be the next best solution. Thirteen sat there and looked over at Seven, clueless as to what she was going to do for Seven.

Trace sat back and picking up his plate and eating once again. Trace then took noticed at Seven looking at Thirteen. He then chuckled slightly and lean over to Seven, "Let me know if you have any ideas and if you need anything to add you in your tasks." He said kindly to her then patted Seven on the head. Trace then raised a brow, "While we're on the topic, when was the last time you went into heat?" He whispered into her ear.

Seven sat up for a moment and thought for a moment, trying to count the number of days that had passed. "Umm... two weeks... I think..." not really sure of the exact number herself. She looked up at Trace and tilted her head, "Why do you ask Master?"

Trace chuckled slightly, "Well, it might be troublesome if both of you were to go into heat at the same time." He stated kindly. Trace then finished his breakfast and stood up, "Ok now, let's see...." Trace looked at Thirteen, "Once your finished we can head out." He said then patted Thirteen on the head. Trace then walked over to the floor where his armor was laying and started to put on the light armor.

Seven, who had already finished eating, stood and followed Trace and helped him put on his armor. Thirteen was nearly done, still stuffing her face as much as she could before she leaned back in her chair, her entire life she had never eaten so well as when Trace had taken her in. "Master Trace? Where are we going to next?"

Trace looked over at Thirteen as Seven helped place the light armor over his head and down on his shoulders tying it into place, "We are going to get a weapon or two for you and Seven." Trace then looked at Seven, "Thank you Seven." Trace then looked back at Thirteen, "After that we'll be leaving this town and heading to where my contact is, though he is a dragon, have you two ever met a dragon?" He ask bluntly.

Seven simply nodded as she continued to help the finishing touches on Traces armor. Thirteen looked up, "Weapons Master Trace?" Thirteen and Seven both looked up at Trace in horror as he mentioned dragons, clearly frightened. "N-no Master... only stories..." Seven's voice was more than shaky as she spoke. Her hands were trembling, she dropped the last piece of his armor he had to put on.

Trace turned to Seven as she drop the armor, placing his hands on either side of her shoulders and looked into her eyes, "Don't worry, this dragon is a very good friend of mine, he is another Templar, though I guess you could say he's one of our biggest members." Trace tried to joke to calm Seven, or at least to make the point there was nothing to be worried about. Trace then looked at Thirteen while Seven was still in his hands, "Yes weapons, so you can defend yourself if need be." he said as he stroked either side of Seven's arms trying to calm her down.