Joel & Jack on the Radio!

3 years ago


I hope you guys caught us live this morning, if you didn't though, you can check out The Sports Edge by clicking right here, and the interview Joel and I did is in their audio vault! Check it out and make sure to let the Fightin' Nicks know that you liked hearing us on the radio!


Aloha folks!

Tomorrow morning at 8:30am here in Austin, Joel and myself will be talking Rooster Teeth and RTX on ESPN Radio Austin!

That's right, someone let us talk on a sports station, whaaaaatt??

So, if you are in the Austin area, tune to 104.9 FM (The Horn) tomorrow morning to listen to The Sports Edge! You can check them out on Facebook right here.

I'll post a link to the interview once it is up on the web as well. Don't forget, go buy your tickets for RTX over on the RTX website and then you'll be able to high-five Joel this Summer.

Comments (139)

  • coolkranx


    1 year ago

    they should make a radio show

  • DuggieBishop


    3 years ago

    I finally learnt why they call it 'Roosterteeth'!

  • nickst7719


    3 years ago

    I'm scared to hear what joel will say on the radio

  • Mattymadhalo


    3 years ago

    I heled someone

  • roflman127


    3 years ago

    great job

  • bowwow123415


    3 years ago

    Fuck yeah!

  • HickSoldier


    3 years ago

    Awesome Job on the interview. it is great to see and hear that Rooster Teeth is spreading into other industries.

  • gleech97


    3 years ago

    in England 104.9 is XFM

  • Ekolu


    3 years ago

    Jack using Aloha is like watching a loose dog get hit by a car on the road. Its really unfortunate and you wish you hadn't seen it.

  • mtlynch13


    3 years ago

    rooster teeth means cock bite, i did not pick up on that.