-End of Chapter 3

Thirteen smiled and had already forgotten why she was angry, Trace was fine and that was all that mattered. Seven stood and moved in front of Trace as she continued to see where his wound was, trying to figure out how his wound was already healed.

Trace smiled back at Thirteen and patted her head. Trace then looked at Seven looking at where is wound had been, "If you're wondering why my wound is gone, that because I just took a potion before you two ran to me." Trace then stood up and looked around, Yep, they're really gone, and I don't have the feeling anymore. Trace looked back at his girls, "Are you two OK? he asked kindly.

They both looked up and Trace and nodded, a little confused, but they were physically fine. Thirteen looked back at where they had disappeared off too one last time, "Master Trace? Why were they after you?"

Trace looked down at Thirteen then looked to where the portal had been, "I wish I knew, though from what just happened, they wanted me dead without losing one of their own." Trace knew he would be seeing them again, but there was no need to tell his girls that. Trace then took Seven and Thirteen's hands and walked back into the weapon shop, "Hey old man, are you alright?" He shouted into the shop.

The old man was clearly shaken up, but considering the damage to the other stores, a broken window was the least of his problems. He stood up and looked around his shop, "Yeah... yeah I think I'm alright..." a little confused by the sudden commotion. "Thank you knight." he said, under the impression that Trace saved the store and himself.

Trace chuckle, "Yeah, any time." He stated and left. Now all was calm people started to come out as if the day had started normally. Though the shop owners that had found their shops trashed were upset. As Trace and his girls approached his horse Trace suddenly stop, "Oh need still need to get your sewing kit." He stated then started looking for a general stores shop.